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boom bugs gameBoom Bugs
Place the lady birds in the right place to kill the spiders. This game is a bit like angry birds but with less levels.
pool master gamePool Master
Pool Master offers you a full sized table with realistic balls, shots, and scores. Test your own pool skills by using the bar on the right hand side of the screen to adjust how hard you shoot.
bullet head gameBullet Head
Your goal is to shoot down the alien invaders that are floating across the top of your screen without getting hit by their bullets and bombs.Tip: Hold down the shoot button for continuous fire power!
jewel quest gameJewel Quest
This is one fast-paced little game that has you matching tiles together so that you can clear the board. Once you clear out a set of gems, the board under them will turn gold. When the whole board is golden, you win the level.
pillage the village gamePillage The Village
Throw the villagers around and collect all their money, if you let them get away you'll get out!CLICK: Grab villagers and objects. UP/DOWN, W/S: Move object Back/Forward.
ultimate chess gameUltimate Chess
When you take out one of their pieces, you get to see one of fifty different executions all of which are extremely funny.Use mouse to play.
pacman 2 gamePacman 2
The little yellow round head moving around, eating up power pellets and trying not to get touched by ghosts.
madpet volleybomb gameMadpet Volleybomb
Click PLAY to begin.You have 3 tries to get the bomb to the opponent's side. You get 1 point for every hit and 3 points if the bomb explodes on the opponent's side. For every 20 points you'll get 1 life. In the single player mode you must beat 10 rivals. In two-player mode you challenge your friend.Use ARROW keys to move and jump.
sprocket rocket gameSprocket Rocket
A fun but challenging game, Sprocket Rocket will have you going for miles. Collect the red cogs to help Wallace & Gromit to fix their ship and fly to the moon!You must edit and redesign your ship to pass the levels, can be difficult at times.Use mouse to play.Keys: E = Edit ship Spacebar = Detach tool R = Retry
gen gameGen
Gen is a fun, cool game. Click to attract the small green balls, and then do your best to guide them to the blue hole, while at the same time avoiding the red.Use mouse to move, and spacebar to pause.
blosics gameBlosics
The goal of the game is to throw blocks off the stage. You get points for knocking down the green blocks and you lose points for touching the red ones.Bear in mind the type of platform the blocks are on (stone, rubber, or ice).The longer you hold, the bigger the shots.Hit spacebar to cancel the shot.Caution! Shooting costs points.
blastmaster gameBlastmaster
Become the blast master by bombing all the mines strategically. Use the tools on the left hand side to place the bombs in the right place, then click START to watch them all explode!There are more tools (bombs) as the game progresses, can you complete all 30 levels?
gnop gameGnop
The game has a similar concept to Pong, except you have to control the ball to the other side using the arrow keys.Instructions are at the top of the page and the game becomes more difficult as you go along!
pictogrid gamePictogrid
The aim of Pictogrid is to match the playing grid with the image above.Click on arrows to move a tile.
crazy taxi gameCrazy Taxi
Drive the taxi as fast as possible while avoiding other vehicles.Controls:Left/Right = Steer Up/Down = Adjust speed Spacebar = Jump
tetris gameTetris
Flex your tessellation muscle and get those falling blocks into place sharpish. Very addictive yet totally futile
helicopter gameHelicopter
Use the mouse left-click to fly the copter through the blocks, quite addictive
pacman gamePac Man
The one and only classic arcade game starring a pill-popping yellow blob with a mouth
zed gameZed
Help Zed escape by getting all the gold - excellent graphics
redbeard gameRed Beard
Help red beard the pirate collect the colored dots. The game has a continue feature
sonic gameSonic
Sonic the hedgehog is the best game ever by Sega. Now its available as an online flash version. Note: This game takes a while to load on slow connections
simpsons millionaire gameSimpsons Millionaire
How good is your Simpson's knowledge? Can you be a Simpson's millionaire?
alien hominid gameAlien Hominid
Knock the FBI out, if they get in your way, shoot them or bite off their head!
kaboom gameKaboom
Save the falling bombs but not the ones that are exploding. Spell KABOOM the get extra points, use the mouse to play
asteroids gameAsteroids
Squeezed into your spaceship, you have to defend yourself against a barrage of big rocks and pesky flying saucers
Soap Bubble
Guide your soap bubble through the cave, carefully!
Your mission is to destroy the enemy fleet, use your head and a sound strategy will go a long way
Frisbee Golf
Similar to golf, but instead of hitting a ball with a club, you throw a frisbee around a predetermined course
A cool brick and paddle with power-ups
Mini Pool
The aim of the game is to clear the pool table in the shortest time
Rocket Man
Help the rocket man jump safely from one platform to the next to progress to the next level
Pedestrian Killer
Drive over as many pedestrians as you can, dont let them cross the road safely
Destroy the city so you can land your spaceship
Connect 4
Connect 4 in a row to win, easier said than done
A 3d version of the ping pong game. To get extra points curve the ball round to the opponent
Super Fly
Click the flies to eat them, dont let the frog steal your food!
balls n walls gameBalls n Walls
2 player game, catch balls that are thrown over the wall
tanks gameTanks
Try to blow up your opponent before they do
How good are you with the bow and arrow? Click and drag the mouse to get the perfect shot. You can play against an opponent too
A cool brick and paddle with power-ups
Polar Rescue
Use your penguin to dodge obstacles run through mazes and fire
Become the biggest fish in the sea by eating other smaller fish. Watch out for the big fish as they will eat you
Spank the Monkey
Slap the stupid monkey as fast and as hard as you can
Hostile Skies
Shoot down all the enemy planes and land safely
Tic Tac Toe
Aka noughts and crosses, but made in the old school style
Bubble Trouble
Shoot bubbles into groups to make them disappear
Get the ring to the end of the wire without touching the metal
Like a radioactive and slighlty wonky version of Othello
Blox Forever
Quench your puzzle solving addiction. Treat yourself to 100 brand new levels with all new graphics, sounds, and music. Handle new challenges such as gem traps, chain reaction bombs, slug blox, and instant death skull blox
simon gameSimon
This one will test your memory to the limit, if not your sanity. Green, two yellows, blue, three reds and... errr...
space invaders gameSpace Invaders
Invade space by killing all the flying machine by shooting at them
Pac Man Killer
You are the pacman killer ball, bounce on them to kill
Collect all the reds to grow bigger and longer
Mouse Speed
Click the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in numerical order to find out how good you are at clicking with the mouse
Exit 2
The next version of Exit. It is more of a puzzle game, the potatoe has to get from one side to the other without falling. Click JUGAR to start
Press spacebar twice to start the game. Use the arrow keys to guide the stick to the other side
Pac Bug
Eat all the dots while avoiding the lizard. Hold mouse button to move
Keep the ball up as long as you can
Midget Tossing
Toss the midgets into the baskets and try to get 100 points to win
Turtle Bridge
Get as many rocks to the other side as you can by jumping on the turtles back, without falling in the water
Over Run
Help Sabeth protect his castle against the evil orcs. Use the arrow keys to move and the mouse button to fire
soulmech gameSoul Mech
A fighting action game, kick, punch and use your sword
shellgame gameShell
Under which shell is the ball hidden? You must also bank as much as you can to get the highest points
Submarines Attack
Drop bombs to explode the submarines. Only 3 bombs are allowed at any given time. Use arrow keys to move, and spacebar to drop bombs. Click "Blast Them Subs!!!" to begin
Stickman side scrolling fighting game. Flying-kick the sh*t out of people
Break Out 360
Remove all the bricks to prosper to the next level; new 360 degree perspective
Pingu Sports
Clear all the ice blocks to go the next level. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to change direction
Bump Copter 2
Fly your little helicopter past all the crazy obstacles and to the other side
Perfect Match
Remove all the cards by unfolding a pair of identical cards. Click a card to unfold it and then unfold another card, if both are the same they will be removed. Watch out for the time
Resident Devil
Shoot the zombies, best thing to do is to blow thier arms and heads off.
Cutie Quake
Kill the cuties! Not so cute now are they?
Fish Hunter
Use the arrow keys to move around, shoot the fish by pressing spacebar. Quite a hard game
Use the arrow keys to help the sheep to the other side and into the barn. Fill to go to the next level
blackknight gameThe Black Knight
The Queen needs a new swimming pool. The King calls upon you, The Black Knight, to go hither and bash as much taxes as possible from thy freeloading peasants
blox gameBlox
A great mind tester. Featuring many great items such as elevators, bombs, lasers, magnets, water & lava pit
Memory Trial
Turn the cards up two at a time, memorise their position and then try and match the pairs in the least turns as possible
Yellow Out
Get the yellow car out of traffic, you can only move the cars back and forth. There are 60 levels and its difficult futher on
Cyber Mice
Guide your mice through various obstacles and traps, a big slice of cheddar awaits
Stan Skates
Help Stan take on the Streets and survive. Use spacebar to jump, collect points and special moves. Hit the up arrow to activate a special move
You are the marble catcher, catch as many marbles as you can while the screen is moving. Use the mouse to move around
Metal Slug Stickman
Use the arrow keys to move. Ctrl = Fire, Shift = Jump, Spacebar = Grenades, Caps = Warp out of a wall if you get stuck. Go one kill some stickmen!
Your aim is to tactically push the eggs that are spread all over the maze into the nests. There are 100 levels in this game and it gets tricky as you proceed
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