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island mini golf gameIsland Mini Golf
The aim of the game is to hit ball in the least number of strokes. The person with the lowest score after 18 strokes wins the game.To hit the ball, click and drag around the ball to adjust the power and angle of your shot. Release the mouse button to swing.
bulls eye gameBulls Eye
Bulls Eye is a darts game where you have to shoot and lower your score from 501 to 0. You have to do this in as less darts as possible.Watch the vertical and horizontal meter near the blue button to aim your dart. Press the button to shoot (or you can use spacebar).
hack attack gameHack Attack
Hack Attack is a golf game, use your club to hit the boards with the highest points.Score as many points as you can by hitting the objects. Watch out for the golf cart passing by.
tennis ace gameTennis Ace
A difficult tennis game to master, it's best to practice a couple of serves before you enter the tournament.Click the mouse just as the ball is moving down from the top of its flight.
kick off gameKick Off
A great football penalty shoot out game, kick off the match with a practice shot. Pick the team you want to represent and take shots at the goal. Stop the other team scoring by saving a few goals as the keeper.Use mouse to play, and keep left button pressed to take a power shot.
rebounce gameRebounce
Place the ball by clicking on the screen, click and drag the mouse to aim the shot. Release to shoot and press spacebar to get the ball back.
mini golf extreme gameMini Golf Extreme
Loads of difficult putts in this advanced mini golf game packed with various levels.
diesel and death gameDiesel and Death
You are playing as Death against the computer (Diesel). Race bikes across a junkyard, first past the flag wins or destroy your enemy for victory!Use arrow keys to play and spacebar for power-up.
dune bashing gameDune Bashing
Ride your bike to complete all the stages in the shortest amount of time. To advance to the next level you must cross the end of the line before the timer strikes zero.Use arrow keys to play. UP = Forward
unicycle challenge gameUnicycle Challenge
Try to balance your unicycle while avoiding the juggling balls that roll across your path. Don't tip over too far or else you'll fall off and die.To play move your mouse side to side, the wheel of the unicycle will follow. To jump, hold down and then release the spacebar.
crazy pool gameCrazy Pool
Take a shot using the white ball with the intention of making the same colored balls collide with each other. Once you do this they will disappear, clear the table to move onto the next level.Use mouse to play.
2d knock out game2d Knock Out
2D Knock Out is a boxing game; fight your opponent to move onto the next level.CONTROLS Use mouse to move and left-click to punch C = Auto Super Combo SPACEBAR = Block
table tennis gameTable Tennis
A excellent table tennis game with good graphics. Use mouse to play
ultimate billiards gameUltimate Billiards
Try to clear the pool table before the time runs out. Using your mouse aim the cue ball where you would like it to go. Control your shot power by holding downing the mouse.
forest challenge 2 gameForest Challenge 2
Forest Challenge is a golf game, try to get your shot on par to get the best score.
3d super ball game3D Super Ball
3d super ball is like doing kickup's with a football, only difference is here you are using the mouse. Get the bubbles that appear to get extra points.
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