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the ashes cricket gameThe Ashes
A realistic Cricket game where you can pit yourself against Australia and England to bring home the Ashes! Also has a great 2 player mode.Use the directional keys to choose which direction to play your shot. The red target shows where the ball will pass and when the circle says 'HIT!' select 'NORMAL SHOT' or 'ATTACKING SHOT' to hit the ball.
world table tennis gameWorld Table Tennis
Play table tennis against the computer at 3 different levels - easy, medium, and difficult. Can you win all three?Press spacebar to start and arrow keys to move.
slap shot gameSlap Shot
Score against the keeper in this ice hockey game. You will have 9 tries on the shot clock to beat the panthers.
super bowl gameSuper Bowl
Bring down as many pins as possible in 10 attempts.Use mouse to pick up the ball, adjust the curve or power up.
yeti sports seal bounce gameYeti Sports Seal Bounce
Throw the seal in the air (as high as possible) to make the highscore.Left mouse click to rotate the seal and then another click to launch.
archery gameArchery
Your aim is to make as many points as possible in a 5 arrow shoot out.USe mouse to point the arrow and shoot.
moto x gameMoto X
You are a moto racer. Do stunts and collect the gold coins to get the highscore.Use arrow keys to move, up arrow to accelerate, press arrow keys in air to perform tricks and press spacebar + arrowkeys to perform advanced tricks.
turbo spirit gameTurbo Spirit
A superb racing game - each track has 5 checkpoints. Time is added to the clock at each lap.Race ends if you run out of time. At each checkpoint you score bonus points for your rank.Use arrow keys to play and down arrow to break.
duckhunt gameDuck Hunt
You are a hunter where your aim is to kill the ducks in 3 rounds of fire.In each level you have to kill atleast 5 out of 10 ducks or it's game over.Use your mouse to move and click to shoot.
finger footy gameFinger Footy
The object of the game is to flick as many footballs into the goal as possible.If anybody comes in your way hit them with the football.Use mouse to move the hand left and right, press the mouse left button to power up and release to fire.
soccer pong gameSoccer Pong
You are a soccer player and your aim is to score goals.Keep the ball moving, don't let it go out or else you will lose a ball. You have a total of three balls to score.Score goals to gain points, the score wheel indicates how many points you will get.Use mouse to control the player.
canyon glider gameCanyon Glider
You are a canyon glider. Start the game by running as fast as possible. If your speed is good enough only then will you fly.Collect all the points you get in between the hoops. Stay away from rocks and vultures.At the end try to land on target for good points.Tap left and right arrow keys alternately to run faster. Use up, down arrow keys to swoop and dive - and spacebar to land.
surfs up gameSurfs Up
Surf up the waves, pull off cool tricks and avoid big fishes.Score points by jumping off the waves and spinning in the air.Use arrow keys to control your surfer and use spacebar to turn quicker.
mini jump gameMini Jump
The aim of this game is to run and jump into the mini convertible without hurting yourself too much.Press H and J keys in rapid succession. The faster you press the faster you run, use spacebar to jump. The longer you hold down the spacebar the higher you jump.
flatout minigame gameFlatout Minigame
This is a car racing game in which you have to go through various levels, and each level has its own tasks.Use spacebar to speed up your car.
bike wheelers gameBike Wheelers
A motorbike racing type game. You have to finish first on every track to unlock the other tracks.There's a petrol pump at the end of every lap so don't forget to refuel your bike.Use arrow keys to control your bike.
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