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stick cricket gameStick Cricket
You are the English, right-handed One Day "Stick" Cricket Team. Chase your opponents score in limited overs games. Opponents are all International One Day Teams.
pool billiards gamePool Billiards
An excellent pool billiards game with amazing graphics and sound. You can play 1 player or 2, and even against the computer.Use mouse to play
mini putt gameMini Putt
The classic mini golf flash game. Try to finish the game in the lowest shots as possible. Use the mouse to play.
kick ups gameKick Ups
Similar to doing kickup's except you're doing click-ups. Keep the ball in the air as long as you can
japanese baseball gameJapanese Baseball
The further you hit the more points you get
keepups gameKeepups
Keep the ball up as long as you can
3d ping pong game3D Ping Pong
3d version of ping pong against the computer, good game and its quite hard too
pingu sports gamePingu Sports
Clear all the ice blocks to go the next level. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to change direction
life buoys gameLife Buoys
Catch jumping passengers into lifebuoys and help them make thier way safely to the nearest shore. Use arrow keys to play
battle pong gameBattle Pong
Destroy your opponent by hitting the shield behind them and protect your own. Check out the controls so you know how to play
frisbee golf gameFrisbee Golf
Frisbee Golf is similar to golf, but instead of hitting a ball with a club, you throw a Frisbee around a predetermined course
alex trax gameAlex Trax
Bike your way to the spooky castle, collecting keys and performing pulse pounding stunts. Treck the difficult mountain paths to reach the castle, not as easy as you may think!
the ashes cricket gameThe Ashes
A realistic Cricket game where you can pit yourself against Australia and England to bring home the Ashes! Also has a great 2 player mode.Use the directional keys to choose which direction to play your shot. The red target shows where the ball will pass and when the circle says 'HIT!' select 'NORMAL SHOT' or 'ATTACKING SHOT' to hit the ball.
world table tennis gameWorld Table Tennis
Play table tennis against the computer at 3 different levels - easy, medium, and difficult. Can you win all three?Press spacebar to start and arrow keys to move.
slap shot gameSlap Shot
Score against the keeper in this ice hockey game. You will have 9 tries on the shot clock to beat the panthers.
super bowl gameSuper Bowl
Bring down as many pins as possible in 10 attempts.Use mouse to pick up the ball, adjust the curve or power up.
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