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camper strike gameCamper Strike
Your objective is to hit as many targets as possible using your gun within the time limit.Use left mouse click to fire, R to reload weapon and spacebar to zoom.
tube racer gameTube Racer
Race to the end of the tube without crashing! Use arrow keys to play and don't forget to jump and duck where necessary.
sonny gameSonny
Similar to pacman, play as a hungry dog where your aim is to collect all the bones before the dog catcher nabs you.Eat chillies to kill the dog catchers. If you get caught 3 times then the game is over. Use arrow keys to move.
shuffle gameShuffle
Click on one of the red balls and hold down the left mouse button. Drag the mouse to choose the speed and direction, release the button to shoot.Get all the yellow balls off the board to win the game. It will become difficult in the latter stages.
world table tennis gameWorld Table Tennis
Play table tennis against the computer at 3 different levels - easy, medium, and difficult. Can you win all three?Press spacebar to start and arrow keys to move.
slap shot gameSlap Shot
Score against the keeper in this ice hockey game. You will have 9 tries on the shot clock to beat the panthers.
ramps gameRamps
Click, drag and rotate the ramps to construct a pathway to safely guide the spheres into the goal. Click the dispenser to unleash a sphere.Clicking the trashcan will reset ramps and spheres. Points are awarded based on amount of spheres lost, time taken to solve the level and difficulty of the level.
picto gamePicto
Picto is a pictures game - click the last symbol that was added to the screen. A very challenging game but also very fun!Can you remember all 100 symbols?
suzi says gameSuzi Says
Suzi Perry says watch The Gadget Show (with a special video at the end). Collect the gadgets that Suzi calls out, but if you get the wrong one you'll lose points.
5 differences five gameFive Differences
Spot five differences in each level, but watch out it will get harder as you progress. Click on the area when you notice a difference.
hexiom gameHexiom
Hexiom is a wonderful puzzle game, arrange all the tiles in a way that they are next to as many tiles as the number shown. The tiles will turn yellow once level completed.
super bowl gameSuper Bowl
Bring down as many pins as possible in 10 attempts.Use mouse to pick up the ball, adjust the curve or power up.
red lead gameRed Lead
Save the red noses from the pencils by getting them safely from one side to the other.Red nose's will increase your life and saving golden noses will increase your paddle size.Use mouse to control the paddle.
yeti sports seal bounce gameYeti Sports Seal Bounce
Throw the seal in the air (as high as possible) to make the highscore.Left mouse click to rotate the seal and then another click to launch.
match up gameMatch Up
Its a memory-type skill game. 16 pics will be shown to you for 1 second and they all will have a match.Your aim is to click on similar pictures and delete them from the board. You have to do this in 30 secs.Use mouse to click on images.
jigsaw puzzle paradise gameJigsaw Puzzle Paradise
You have 20 minutes to finish the game. 100 points for each correct match and 150 points per second for the time left after joining the puzzle.Use mouse to click and drag the peices to attach them.
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