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mouse speed gameMouse Speed
Click the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in numerical order to find out how good you are at clicking with the mouse
cyber mice gameCyber Mice
Guide your mice through various obstacles and traps, a big slice of cheddar awaits
sheepish gameSheepish
Use the arrow keys to help the sheep to the other side and into the barn. Fill to go to the next level
exit 2 gameExit 2
The next version of Exit. It is more of a puzzle game, the potatoe has to get from one side to the other without falling. Click JUGAR to start
exit gameExit
Help the running fat potatoe from being squashed, press spacebar to jump over the wall. Click JUGAR to start
space invaders gameSpace Invaders
Invade space by killing all the flying machine by shooting at them
pacman killer gamePac Man Killer
You are the pacman killer ball, bounce on them to kill
snake 2 gameSnake 2
There are 3 levels to this snake game, pick according to your ability
snake gameSnake
Collect all the reds to grow bigger and longer
simon gameSimon
This one will test your memory to the limit, if not your sanity. Green, two yellows, blue, three reds and... errr...
hexxagon gameHexxagon
Like a radioactive and slighlty wonky version of Othello
connect 4 gameConnect 4
Connect 4 in a row to win, easier said than done
buzzer gameBuzzer
Get the ring to the end of the wire without touching the metal
bubble trouble gameBubble Trouble
Shoot bubbles into groups to make them disappear
tic tac toe gameTic Tac Toe
Aka noughts and crosses, but made in the old school style
spank the monkey gameSpank the Monkey
Slap the stupid monkey as fast and as hard as you can
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