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milk panic gameMilk Panic
Milk the cows before they blow up, remember to empty your basket when its full. Use arrow keys to move and the spacebar to milk
battle pong gameBattle Pong
Destroy your opponent by hitting the shield behind them and protect your own. Check out the controls so you know how to play
yellow out gameYellow Out
Get the yellow car out of traffic, you can only move the cars back and forth. There are 60 levels and its difficult futher on
shell gameShell
Under which shell is the ball hidden? You must also bank as much as you can to get the highest points
turtle bridge gameTurtle Bridge
Get as many rocks to the other side as you can by jumping on the turtles back, without falling in the water
memory trial gameMemory Trial
Turn the cards up two at a time, memorise their position and then try and match the pairs in the least turns as possible
bug gameBug
Your aim is to tactically push the eggs that are spread all over the maze into the nests. There are 100 levels in this game and it gets tricky as you proceed
solitaire gameSolitaire
The object of Solitaire is to use all the cards in the deck to build up the four suit stacks in ascending order, beginning with the aces
super fly gameSuper Fly
Click the flies to eat them, dont let the frog steal your food!
stan skates gameStan Skates
Help Stan take on the Streets and survive. Use spacebar to jump, collect points and special moves. Hit the up arrow to activate a special move
pac bug gamePac Bug
Eat all the dots while avoiding the lizard. Hold mouse button to move
curveball gameCurveball
A 3d version of the ping pong game. To get extra points curve the ball round to the opponent
kaboom gameKaboom
Save the falling bombs but not the ones that are exploding. Spell KABOOM the get extra points, use the mouse to play
marbles gameMarbles
You are the marble catcher, catch as many marbles as you can while the screen is moving. Use the mouse to move around
metal slug stickman gameMetal Slug Stickman
Use the arrow keys to move. Ctrl = Fire, Shift = Jump, Spacebar = Grenades, Caps = Warp out of a wall if you get stuck. Go one kill some stickmen!
twiddlestix gameTwiddlestix
Press spacebar twice to start the game. Use the arrow keys to guide the stick to the other side
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