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squares 2 gameSquares 2
Use your mouse to move, collect other black shapes and watch out for the reds! Gets harder as the game progresses
eskiv 2 gameEskiv 2
Same rules as before except this is much harder than the original. Use the arrow keys to collect the squares by navigating the circle and avoiding the small blue dots
eskiv gameEskiv
Collect the squares by moving the circle towards them and avoid the small blue circles. Use the arrow keys to navigate
alien cave gameAlien Cave
Dodge the obstacles, use the arrow keys to play. Control is essential
monkey lander gameMonkey Lander
Collect the fruit and get to the end of each level without hitting anything. Land safely and slowly
cube buster gameCube Buster
Kind of like tetris, click on the cubes to make them disapear
monkey keepy ups gameMonkey Keepy Ups
Keep the monkey in the air for as long as possible, try to beat your previous score!
bad apple gameBad Apple
Minesweeper type game. Very colourful and quite difficult
battle pong 2 gameBattle Pong 2
Ping Pong with a twist, now you can shoot your opponent or eat them alive
trapped in time gameTrapped In Time
Help Top Secret Kid defeat the evil Minataur Corporation in TSK2 - Trapped In Time
bump copter 2 gameBump Copter 2
Fly your little helicopter past all the crazy obstacles and to the other side
blox gameBlox
A great mind tester. Featuring many great items such as elevators, bombs, lasers, magnets, water & lava pit
blox forever gameBlox Forever
Quench your puzzle solving addiction. Treat yourself to 100 brand new levels with all new graphics, sounds, and music. Handle new challenges such as gem traps, chain reaction bombs, slug blox, and instant death skull blox
keepups gameKeepups
Keep the ball up as long as you can
perfect match gamePerfect Match
Remove all the cards by unfolding a pair of identical cards. Click a card to unfold it and then unfold another card, if both are the same they will be removed. Watch out for the time
over run gameOver Run
Help Sabeth protect his castle against the evil orcs. Use the arrow keys to move and the mouse button to fire
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