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blast your enemies gameBlast Your Enemies
Destroy your enemies before they take control of your base.Use arrow keys to move cannon up and down and spacebar to fire.
memory gameMemory
Match heroes from the 7th portal.You start with 200 points and get 25 points for each match and loose 10 points for a mismatch.Use mouse to click and match.
whaked studio gameWhaked Studio
Click on the pictures to get points. You get one point for each click.Don't click on the red face or dynamite as they deduct one point.Use mouse to play.
space station catcher gameSpace Station Catcher
Save all the parts falling from the sky. Use arrow keys to move your float.What's your highest score?
fishwater challenge gameFishwater Challenge
Hit the fishy waters of australia and collect as many fish as you can in 30 seconds.Be careful of logs, mind and keep your eyes open for rocks. Use left and right arrow keys to steer.
minefield of death gameMinefield of Death
You have landed in a mine field but how do you get out?Jump, leap and step using the buttons given. There is special thing waiting for you outside the mine field.
flash out gameFlash Out
Its same as breakout. Catch the ball with your paddle and then shoot it.Break all the bricks and go to next level. Make as many points as possible to get into the highscores.Use mouse to move the paddle.
chinese checkers gameChinese Checkers
This is an variation of the classic chinese game. The objective of the game is to clear as many pieces as possible.A move consists of jumping over any other one peg into a hole beyond. Use mouse to play.
eminem mania gameEminem Mania
The aim of the game is to get eminem on stage in time for his latest gig.Avoid paparazzi and collect the platinum plaqes, gold disks, burger and fries.Use arrow keys to move and Z to jump.
quick brick gameQuick Brick
Bricks will be adding to your screen in 2 colours and when they are in group of 3 and more click on them to destroy them.Destroy the bricks before they reach the top. Use mouse to click and destroy.
blox 2 gameBlox 2
Place similar coloured blox to remove them from the board.The goal is to remove all blocks from the board to solve the puzzle and move onto the next level.Click and drag the blox together to make them disappear.
blow up gameBlow Up
Join 3 of the same colour balls and blow them up.In every 10 seconds the balls comes down so you have to be fast. If a ball touches you the game is over.Use left mouse click to throw the balls and arrow keys to guide them into place.
spore pong gameSpore Pong
You have to defend the ball. Toss back the ball to the opponent.Each time you get 1 point and after every 10 points the ball speed is increased.Use mouse to move the paddle.
road carnage gameRoad Carnage
Kill the people (balls) with your car before the time runs out.Use arrow keys to control your car.
tangram house gameTangram House
A Chinese puzzle game, use all the pieces to make the image. With each level it becomes more difficult.Use mouse to move the pieces and CTRL to rotate them.
the daring dozen gameThe Daring Dozen
Try to get the egg in the basket as quickly as possible. Use mouse to play.
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