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tic tac toe gameTic Tac Toe
Aka noughts and crosses, but made in the old school style
fishy gameFishy
Become the biggest fish in the sea by eating other smaller fish. Watch out for the big fish as they will eat you
soap bubble gameSoap Bubble
Guide your soap bubble through the cave, carefully!
asteroids gameAsteroids
Squeezed into your spaceship, you have to defend yourself against a barrage of big rocks and pesky flying saucers
simpsons millionaire gameSimpsons Millionaire
How good is your Simpson's knowledge? Can you be a Simpson's millionaire?
crypt raider gameCrypt Raider
You are the crypt raider! Your aim is to move the orb into the chamber. Do this to progress to the next level
boom bugs gameBoom Bugs
Place the lady birds in the right place to kill the spiders. This game is a bit like angry birds but with less levels.
jewel quest gameJewel Quest
This is one fast-paced little game that has you matching tiles together so that you can clear the board. Once you clear out a set of gems, the board under them will turn gold. When the whole board is golden, you win the level.
ultimate chess gameUltimate Chess
When you take out one of their pieces, you get to see one of fifty different executions all of which are extremely funny.Use mouse to play.
pacman 2 gamePacman 2
The little yellow round head moving around, eating up power pellets and trying not to get touched by ghosts.
sprocket rocket gameSprocket Rocket
A fun but challenging game, Sprocket Rocket will have you going for miles. Collect the red cogs to help Wallace & Gromit to fix their ship and fly to the moon!You must edit and redesign your ship to pass the levels, can be difficult at times.Use mouse to play.Keys: E = Edit ship Spacebar = Detach tool R = Retry
gen gameGen
Gen is a fun, cool game. Click to attract the small green balls, and then do your best to guide them to the blue hole, while at the same time avoiding the red.Use mouse to move, and spacebar to pause.
gnop gameGnop
The game has a similar concept to Pong, except you have to control the ball to the other side using the arrow keys.Instructions are at the top of the page and the game becomes more difficult as you go along!
pictogrid gamePictogrid
The aim of Pictogrid is to match the playing grid with the image above.Click on arrows to move a tile.
splitter2 gameSplitter 2
Mission of Splitter 2 is to cut your way through 32 levels. Use your mouse to split objects and push the yellow smiley face to the target.
red remover gameRed Remover
Red Remover is a physics-based puzzle game.Mission of the game is to remove the red shapes without the green ones falling off the screen.Can you remove all the red shapes without losing any green ones?
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