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splash back gameSplashBack
You start with 10 drops in your tank. Use them to grow blobs until they burst and clear the grid. Create combinations to earn more drops. How many levels can you clear in Splash Back?Click to play
board dots gameBoard Dots
Board Dots is a wonderfully puzzling game which requires a lot of skill. First, click inside the board to mark your starting position, then click to move the dot to your second position.Draw a path moving horizontally and vertically that passes through each square. The blue dot will always run straight (as far as possible) stopping only when blocked.Cover all the board to move onto the next level
jump the gorge gameJump The Gorge
Click on the power bar to choose the power level that will land you in the target area. Too much or not enough power will send you jumping to your demise.The faster you choose the power level, the more points you get and if you get in right first time you'll get bonus points. Careful, as you only get three lives to make it to the end.
lunatic gameLunatic
Try to capture the red dots by moving your mouse onto them to receive bonus points while at the same time you must avoid the yellow dots. A lot of skill and precision required.
ratsuk gameRatsuk
Using the knight from chess, you must move it in an L shape (in any direction) to turn as many of the 64 boxes as possible.You are playing against the computer. The idea of the game is to make the other run out of moves.
breakout lite gameBreakout Lite
Use your mouse to play this breakout lite game. Hit the balls above to make them disappear and move onto the next level.
dodge the asteroids gameDodge The Asteroids
Dodge the asteroids to stay alive in both easy and difficult levels.Use arrow keys to play and hold spacebar to fly faster.
frogitaire gameFrogitaire
The object of the puzzle is to leap-frog around the board to remove the frgos until only one frog remains. The puzzle is completed if you manage to remove all the frogs as well as landing the final frog in the centre of the puzzle board.Use mouse to play
ball revamped gameBall Revamped
Click the ball at the top of the game to begin. Guide the ball to the next level, to do this you must avoid it hitting the walls.CONTROLSUse arrow keys and spacebar
x raye gameX Raye
Hit all the pegs to complete the level, some require multiple hits.Use the arrow keys to rotate. Swing from post to post, using the spacebar to jump and control (ctrl) to skip.
space out gameSpace Out
Use the paddle to keep the comets in play. Earn extra comets and other bonuses by hitting yellow bricks. Don't space out or you'll drop the comets and lose. Other special bricks include extra points, bigger paddle and much more.
add em up gameAdd Em Up
Take a look at the next tile in the que and place it on the board so that all surrounding tiles add up to that value. If they add up the tiles will be removed. The goal is to clear all of the tiles from the board.
abyss gameAbyss
Click on boxes that are grouped together in order to remove them. You will earn more points for finding larger groups. Points are doubled in bonus rounds.
3 finder game3 Finder
Can you find the same 3 order of balls in the surrounding ring within 10 seconds? If so, click on the middle to set your answer.
dizzy paul gameDizzy Paul
Click JOUER to play.Dizzy Paul is a smilie face who needs his medication to stay happy. The levels get harder as you go along.Use arrow keys to control him.
city jumper gameCity Jumper
You are the City Jumper trying to run and jump the city. It's much harder than it looks!Left Arrow = Small Jump Right Arrow = Bigger Jump
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