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matter gameMatter
Matter is a puzzle jigsaw type game where you must arrange the pieces to match the shape of the object in the small window in the left. Each puzzle has a base value which ineffect is added to your score.The faster you solve each puzzle the higher your bonus points, can you complete all 7?
valo gameValo
This valo game is really addictive and fun. Click (or keep left-mouse button pressed) to collect all the blue squares to increase your score, however make you avoid the red squares at all costs!You may also collect green squares to recieve a bonus, purple to gain extra time, and yellow to improve your health.
planarity gamePlanarity
Planarity gets a bit tricky as you go along. Arrange the lines so that none of them overlap or cross each other by dragging the blue circle into your desired position.
mouse madness gameMouse Madness
Can you complete the tasks when your mouse has gone mad? Choose your cursor and test your ability.Just incase you don't what's happening, your mouse is playing opposites so Right = Left and vice-versa.
cube field gameCube Field
Use the arrow keys to dodge the fast moving obstacles. Don't hit the cubefield's otherwise you'll be out!
flash chess gameFlash Chess
A great chess game, test your chess skills against the computer. It's pretty hard so be warned.
crab ball gameCrab Ball
This is a great volley ball style game except that you use crabs to strike the ball across. Try not to let the ball bounce otherwise you will lose points.Use arrow keys to move and jump.
paintball gamePaintball
Draw a path using your mouse so that the red ball gets to the red square. Press spacebar to get the ball rolling. You can clear everything on the screen by pressing C and R to move the ball back to its original position.To get a good score finish the game as soon as possible and in the fewest line drawings.
double wires gameDouble Wires
Double Wires is a spiderman type game where you must use your web wires to travel the furthest you can without falling and dying to the ground. you can practice at the start of the game.Click "Go" and use mouse to play.
laser gameLaser
Use the tools and objects to direct the laser's ray onto the bulb, can be very mind-boggling as the levels go on.Place the mirrors in the box and click the left and right buttons to reflect the ray. A very excellent laser game.
parachute jigsaw gameParachute Jigsaw
This is a jigsaw type game where you must arrange the pieces to make a picture of a guy parachuting in the sky. Fill in the grey box using all the pieces to complete the game.Use mouse to play
dodge the dot gameDodge The Dot
Click start to play. Use your mouse cursor to dodge any black dots which will be appearing from all directions. Try your best to stay within the orange background and not touch the black border otherwise the game will finish.
sudoku classic gameSudoku Classic
The classic sudoku game with loads of levels. Type your entries in the squares or click a square, hold down the mouse butoon, and drag up or down to set each number.Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusive.
ball revamped 2 gameBall Revamped 2
The object of this sequel to Ball Revamped is to find the square on each level. Gently tap the up button to keep suspended in the air and then slowly start to use the left and right keys.Click Enter to begin.
daedal gameDaedal
Click between any two dots to create a wall, when you complete the fourth side of a unit square (box) the points will be added to your goal score. If the computer closes a box your points will be deducted by that amount.At the beginning of each level there are three presents - red, blue, and green. Box in all three to earn extra points and play a bonus game.Use mouse to play
roboclaw gameRoboclaw
Use the robo claw to drop the orb (blue ball) in the goal without touching the edges. You have 10 lives and limited time to complete the game.Use arrow keys to play
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