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string avoider gameString Avoider
Guide the string around the maze from start to finish without hitting any of the edges. Quite a few levels to complete and they become difficult as you go on. Use mouse to play.
the idiot test gameThe Idiot Test
Can you pass the idiot test? Follow the game's instructions to find out where your brain lies.
bloons gameBloons
You are playing as the monkey with the bow and arrow. Pop a certain number of balloons with your darts to move onto the next level. There are 50 levels in total. Also, you can choose to have unlimited darts but it takes the fun away!
sudoku challenge gameSudoku Challenge
Welcome to Sudoku, the japanese number game that will have you puzzling for hours.The rules are simple: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9 (without repetition).
free cell gameFree Cell
Move cards of the same suit into the top four piles, starting with the Ace. Use the four freecell in the upper left as a temporary storage areas. Cards can be moved from one stack to another in the tableaux if they are in descending order.
master solitaire gameMaster Solitaire
Just like the original solitaire game ... the aim is to use all the cards in the deck to build up four piles of cards (at the top of the page) in ascending order, beginning with the aces. How quickly can you finish the game?
mahjongg gameMahjongg
You play Mahjongg by selecting two free tiles of the same kind, a tile must have atleast one side unblocked in order to be playable. There are 4 tiles for each character. To win the game you need to remove all the tiles from the table.
orbox b gameOrbox B
Guide the red square towards its final destination (the other red square). You'll need to hit a few bricks before you can complete the level, but which ones are the right ones? Careful, don't fall into the empty space around you.Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to restart the level.
cursor run gameCursor Run
Move your mouse over the round circle before the other (red) cursor does. Run cursor, run!
squeezed gameSqueezed
You are playing as the little yellow star, avoid the bigger stars for the longest time possible. Watch out, don't get hurt when the other stars explode.
metal ball gameMetal Ball
Guide the metel ball through each level as quickly and as safely as you can.Use arrow keys to play.
line gameLine
You are playing as the red line who must travel to the end of the maze while avoiding objects and walls. Not as easy as it sounds.Play using your mouse or keyboard.
pepsi pinball gamePepsi Pinball
Pepsi pinball is a remake of the original pinball game, use your flippers to guide the pinball around the maze. Use arrow keys to play.
cone crazy gameCone Crazy
Knock down as many cones as you can by driving over them. Use arrow keys to control the car, the more cones you destroy the more points you'll recieve. Avoid obsticles and pot holes. A red cone is ten points and a yellow one is fifty points.
lights gameLights
Collect the green lights without touching the red ones. Use your mouse to control the white light.
snowball 2007 gameSnowball 2007
Roll the snowball down the hill allowing it to grow bigger by collecting snow along the way. The longer it goes on for the more points you will gain. Watch out for the people and houses or else your snowball will break!Use arrow keys to play.
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