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starship eleven 11 gameStarship Eleven 11
Choose a beginner or an advanced spaceship to play this Starship Eleven 11 game. Use the arrow keys to play and try to get the extra items such as fuel, energy, shots and bonus points. To break down barriers press spacebar to shoot.
dodge the dot gameDodge The Dot
Click start to play. Use your mouse cursor to dodge any black dots which will be appearing from all directions. Try your best to stay within the orange background and not touch the black border otherwise the game will finish.
gyroball gameGyroball
Control the gyroball through-out the maze to get to the next level. It will get harder as you go along.Use arrow keys to play
blast em gameBlast Em
Kill the robots with your automatic firing gun. Watch out they'll return fire and are quite hard to shoot down.Use mouse to play
neon gameNeon
Everything that moves is a threat - try and fight your way through the relentless hordes of enemies to victory.Use your mouse to control the ship and left-click to fire (tip: keep pressed for continuous fire). P = Pause S = Mute
balls 2 gameBalls 2
You are the white smiley face trying to dodge the constantly growing enemy balls. If you get hit, your size will increase making it harder for you to continue. Get too big and the game could be over.In order to gain points you must collect the red balls; they will also help you shrink back to your normal size. If you get the blue balls they will help shrink your enemy.Use mouse to play
sudoku classic gameSudoku Classic
The classic sudoku game with loads of levels. Type your entries in the squares or click a square, hold down the mouse butoon, and drag up or down to set each number.Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusive.
ball revamped 2 gameBall Revamped 2
The object of this sequel to Ball Revamped is to find the square on each level. Gently tap the up button to keep suspended in the air and then slowly start to use the left and right keys.Click Enter to begin.
daedal gameDaedal
Click between any two dots to create a wall, when you complete the fourth side of a unit square (box) the points will be added to your goal score. If the computer closes a box your points will be deducted by that amount.At the beginning of each level there are three presents - red, blue, and green. Box in all three to earn extra points and play a bonus game.Use mouse to play
pac gamePac
Pac is like pacman except he has two eyes and more levels. Try not to get eaten!Use mouse to play and click to start
bloody blades gameBloody Blades
You are the high-speed flying ninja whose mission is to destroy the evil ninja army. Kill as many evil ninja's as you can before moving onto the next level where you will have to work much faster.CONTROLSARROW KEYS to moveA = Attack S = Speed D = Defend
new metal slug gameNew Metal Slug
New Metal Slug is a fighting shooting game, shame thats its not in English however the excellent graphics make up for it. Click on the middle button then the second button to begin.CONTROLS W = Up A = Left S = Down D = RightJ = Shoot K = Jump L = Grenade
splash back gameSplashBack
You start with 10 drops in your tank. Use them to grow blobs until they burst and clear the grid. Create combinations to earn more drops. How many levels can you clear in Splash Back?Click to play
board dots gameBoard Dots
Board Dots is a wonderfully puzzling game which requires a lot of skill. First, click inside the board to mark your starting position, then click to move the dot to your second position.Draw a path moving horizontally and vertically that passes through each square. The blue dot will always run straight (as far as possible) stopping only when blocked.Cover all the board to move onto the next level
jump the gorge gameJump The Gorge
Click on the power bar to choose the power level that will land you in the target area. Too much or not enough power will send you jumping to your demise.The faster you choose the power level, the more points you get and if you get in right first time you'll get bonus points. Careful, as you only get three lives to make it to the end.
alien invasion gameAlien Invasion
A dying alien race is trying to land on Earth in search of help. However the President has ordered the army to destroy them all.Shoot the UFO's before they can land and try hitting the more than one UFO with the same shot. Also try to hit the fastest flying UFO first. You lose a life everytime a UFO successfully lands on Earth and you gain an extra life each time you destroy 50 UFO's.CONTROLS Use the mouse to move the tank and click to shoot.
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