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save the goldfish gameSave The Goldfish
Stop your room mate from frying your beloved goldfish. Just when he's about to drop them into the pan, pick them up by the tail and return them into the swimming bowl.The sooner you return them the higher your score will be. Use mouse to play.
kick off gameKick Off
A great football penalty shoot out game, kick off the match with a practice shot. Pick the team you want to represent and take shots at the goal. Stop the other team scoring by saving a few goals as the keeper.Use mouse to play, and keep left button pressed to take a power shot.
office paintball gameOffice Paintball
Shoot the smileys that pop up in the office using your paintball gun. You need to shoot atleast 70% of the smileys to progress to the next level. Use mouse to play, left-click is shoot.
acid factory gameAcid Factory
Collect all of the batteries in this Acid Factory game. Watch out for the acid and monsters, don't let them touch you. Pick up the gun and kill monsters to score points. Jump into the teleporter to move onto the next level.Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to jump, Z = Fire (when you have the gun).
the impossible quiz gameThe Impossible Quiz
Can you complete the impossible quiz? Ha ha, yeah it does boggle the mind though the answers do make sense in not the most obvious of ways. Give it a try if you can handle the insanity.
square man 2 gameSquare Man 2
A second version to the wonderful squareman game. Once again you are playing as the little square man. Collect all the yellow squares for bonus points and the white squares to get an extra life.Use the arrow keys to move around and UP to jump. Hop onto a bounce pad to jump higher, and platforms with lighter outlines can be jumped through. Reach the checkered flag for the next level and watch out for the bad guys.
pointer gamePointer
Navigate you pointer through the maze to reach the end. Not as easy as it sounds, start from the S and end at the E. Watch out, there will be things obstructing your mission.
orbital gameOrbital
Collect spheres that match the color of your orbitron, while trying to avoid touching spheres of a different color.Your orbital will evolve to a different color when you have collected all the spheres of a certain color.Progress to the next level by collecting all the spheres. Use mouse to play.
battle snake gameBattle Snake
Battle Snake is a twist to the original snake game. Kill the rolling gears by firing at them, if you can't kill them stay away because you'll lose your energy.As the levels go on, the battle snake will get longer making it hard to avoid the gears. Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire.
egg way gameEgg Way
Try to get the egg to the frying pan without handling it too roughly and breaking the yolk. Avoid the spikes and spinning obstacles along the way. Use mouse to play, click to draw a path for the egg yolk.
squareman gameSquareman
You are playing as the little square man, use the arrow keys to move around and UP to jump. Hop onto a bounce pad to jump higher, and platforms with lighter outlines can be jumped through.Reach the checkered flag for the next level and watch out for the bad guys.
string avoider gameString Avoider
Guide the string around the maze from start to finish without hitting any of the edges. Quite a few levels to complete and they become difficult as you go on. Use mouse to play.
the idiot test gameThe Idiot Test
Can you pass the idiot test? Follow the game's instructions to find out where your brain lies.
bums rush gameBums Rush
You are playing as Bum Rush, the old fogue with a beard. Collect all the change dropped on the roads but watch out for on-coming traffic.The drivers show no mercy and you could get killed. Use arrow keys to play.
thing thing 3 gameThing Thing 3
You can customize your hero with different appearances before entering in the battle. The aim is to achieve different missions according to storyline dialogs through various stages.Use "W", "S", "A", "D" KEYS or ARROW KEYS to move around. Hold down SHIFT or CTRL to run.
sudoku challenge gameSudoku Challenge
Welcome to Sudoku, the japanese number game that will have you puzzling for hours.The rules are simple: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9 (without repetition).
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