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adventure of hypurr cat gameAdventure Of Hypurr Cat
Help your hypurr cat to fight against the evil rats and dogs (kill as many as you can). Collect the dustbin to regain your health. Use arrow keys to move left and right and spacebar to fire.
fish hunter 2 gameFish Hunter 2
You are playing as the fisherman where you must shoot 3 types of different fishe. You will see the type in the menu while playing.The game ends when you are out of arrows or time.Use the arrow keys to move and space bar to fire the arrows.
hungry bob gameHungry Bob
You play as hungry bob and have to jump and eat the food flying over you.Fruits and cold drinks will give you points and cake and hamburgers will decrease your points.Using your mouse click on bob to make him jump to grab the food. The longer you hold down your mouse the higher bob will jump.You can move left and right by moving your mouse.
electro air hockey gameElectro Air Hockey
In this game of electro air hockey you have to play with a mallet. The object of the game is to puck into opponents goal seen on the opposite side of table.The speed at which you move the mallet determines the strength of your hit. The first player to score 7 wins the game.Use mouse to move the mallet.
sheep invaders gameSheep Invaders
Shoot all the ships to advance to next level. Ships can also fire so be careful.You have only 3 lives, look for a big black ship for bonus points. This game is very similar to space invaders.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire.
fierce fighter gameFierce Fighter
A superb fighting game. Kill all the enemy in your way to fight with the boss.You have one skill which you can use when it is flashed on screen.Use arrow keys to move, A = punch, S = kick, and D = jumping kick.
the bounce gameThe Bounce
You are a giraffe and your aim is to jump and collect the stars for points. The bed is an extra life and stay away from the red balls as they will decrease your health.Once your life meter is zero the game is over. Use arrow keys to move while jumping.
xiao xiao 9 gameXiao Xiao 9
You are a ninja and have to kill all the ninja's coming your way.There are many levels to go, with every level the game becomes that little bit harder.Use arrow keys to move and Z for boxing, X for jumping and C to block.
shootin hoops gameShootin Hoops
A basketball game - the aim of the game is to score as many baskets as possible.First you must weave through opponents to reach the 3 point line, where you then have three chances of scoring a 3 point basket.Use arrow keys to move, to shoot press X and when you have sufficient power, release the button.
cat-a-pult gameCat-a-Pult
A fun shooting game where you have to shoot cats, try to cat-a-pult them into the holes in the wall.Click on left mouse button and hold untill the power is full. Release to cat-a-pult!
break it gameBreak It
A similar game to Arkanoid. Break the bricks, collect the powers and go to next stage. Try to complete 50 stages.Use mouse to move left and right.
flatout minigame gameFlatout Minigame
This is a car racing game in which you have to go through various levels, and each level has its own tasks.Use spacebar to speed up your car.
alien gameAlien
You are playing as an alien in this game and have to jump from one panel to another.Luckily you have 12 lives allowing you to get some practice.Use left mouse click to jump.
i hate spiders gameI Hate Spiders
You are a spider killer in this game, shoot the spiders coming towards you.If 4 spiders touch you, you will die. Use mouse to move and click to fire.
snow blitz gameSnow Blitz
In this game you are a boy and have to kill all the people coming in your way by throwing snow balls at them.Use arrow keys to move and W to jump, S to duck, A for throwing forward and D for throwing back.
lucky ladybug gameLucky Ladybug
Get the ladybug from the start to finish line while avoiding collision with obstacles in the way, else you start from the beginning again.There are four stages. Your points depend on time and number of clicks.Click the mouse pointer where you want to move the bug.
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