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match up gameMatch Up
Its a memory-type skill game. 16 pics will be shown to you for 1 second and they all will have a match.Your aim is to click on similar pictures and delete them from the board. You have to do this in 30 secs.Use mouse to click on images.
jigsaw puzzle paradise gameJigsaw Puzzle Paradise
You have 20 minutes to finish the game. 100 points for each correct match and 150 points per second for the time left after joining the puzzle.Use mouse to click and drag the peices to attach them.
quick rotation gameQuick Rotation
Arrange the numbers in numerical order like 1,2,3,4,5 etc.Use arrow keys to move the frame and Z and X keys to rotate.
push it gamePush It
The objest of the game is to push the boxes into the designated coloured areas.You can only push one box at a time. Your can restart the level if you are stuck. Use arrow keys to play.
hangaroo gameHangaroo
Find the hidden phrase by selecting alphabets from 26 letters.Only 4 mistakes are allowed. Use left mouse to click on alphabets.
flashman gameFlashman
Exactly the same as pacman. Collect all the dots and stay away from the colored goblins.Collect the five power ups to kill and eat the bad guys. Use arrow keys to move.
square gameSquare
Click on the colored groups to destroy them. The more same colored blocks you destroy the higher your score.
fall down gameFall Down
Avoid the rising lines as you try to keep the ball from hitting the top.Use arrow keys to move the ball.
crazy ball gameCrazy Ball
Collect all the golden balls in the air by jumping on the paddle.There are many stages to go and you have to move fast. Use arrow keys to jump.
space bugs gameSpace Bugs
Shoot down the invading enemy space before they run you down.Use mouse to control the fighter plane and left click to fire.
homers beer run gameHomers Beer Run
Help Homer collect all the beer cans falling from the building and put them into the car.Stay away from fire cans, if you touch any then it's game over.More cans equal more points. Use arrow keys to move.
turbo spirit gameTurbo Spirit
A superb racing game - each track has 5 checkpoints. Time is added to the clock at each lap.Race ends if you run out of time. At each checkpoint you score bonus points for your rank.Use arrow keys to play and down arrow to break.
flash tiles gameFlash Tiles
Complete all 7 levels by removing the same tiles on the screen.Use mouse to click and remove.
no name gameNo Name
You act as a dot and you are stuck in a machine. Try to get out of the machine without touching the sides, you can only move in white space.Steer your little red dot through the maze. Use mouse to control and move the dot.
revolution gameRevolution
Collect all the stars and stay away from the poisoned flowers. You have three lifes so use them carefully. Use arrow keys to move.
threesome gameThreesome
Your aim is to take all three balls to the three X marked places using your skills.Switch between them using the CTRL key and arrow keys to play.
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