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music catch gameMusic Catch
Use your mouse to collect the shapes to earn points, recieve bonus points for yellow shapes and points will be deducted if you touch a red!(The soothing music is a great catch too btw)
the ashes cricket gameThe Ashes
A realistic Cricket game where you can pit yourself against Australia and England to bring home the Ashes! Also has a great 2 player mode.Use the directional keys to choose which direction to play your shot. The red target shows where the ball will pass and when the circle says 'HIT!' select 'NORMAL SHOT' or 'ATTACKING SHOT' to hit the ball.
monoliths mario gameMonoliths Mario
A great little Mario game with six levels. Jump on the tortoises, swim in the water, or simply have a good time. Click "play" to begin.Controls: Arrow Keys = Move A = Jump S = Run Spacebar = Pause
space worms gameSpace Worms
Don't let the other worm catch you! Play as the worm-like dot in the middle of the screen and avoid getting broken up.Stay away from the other dot for the longest time possible to move onto the next level.Use arrow keys to play.
multiball madness gameMultiball Madness
A game similar to breakout but with a twist, juggle multiple balls to break the blocks. Careful don't let your paddle touch the blocks otherwise it's game over.Use mouse or keyboard to play.
excit gameExcit
Your goal is to guide the cursor to the exit without leaving the screen. Use arrow keys to control the game, the cursor will keep moving until it hits an obstacle.Each of the 30 levels has a password which you can use to continue where you left off.
fancy pants 2 gameFancy Pants 2
Fancy Pants is back with his renowned orange pants! We have more tips and tricks, jumps, and the crazy spiders are back too. May take a while to load.Controls - Arrows move, up enters doors, down ducks, slides, or rolls. Hold down while landing to slide forward. Hold jump while stomping a baddie to jump higher. Hold up or down while wall jumping to change your jump. Press space to pause.
king of buttons gameKing of Buttons
Your aim to click the button as many time as possible. Challenge yourself to the buttons.
beaver brothers gameBeaver Brothers
Play as a eager beaver, where your aim is to collect all the red bricks and go to the next level. Stay away from falling sand bags, if you get hit you'll lose a life.Click above the beaver to go up and click below to jump down.
snake hunt beta gameSnake Hunt Beta
A different version to the classic snake game. Eat as many apples as possible without touching the walls.Press ENTER to begin and use arrow keys to move.
camper strike gameCamper Strike
Your objective is to hit as many targets as possible using your gun within the time limit.Use left mouse click to fire, R to reload weapon and spacebar to zoom.
flash tank gameFlash Tank
The object of the game is to hit the opposite tank with your gunfire. Set the angle and speed of your shell and fire.Use left, right keys to set the angle and up, down keys for speed.
sonny gameSonny
Similar to pacman, play as a hungry dog where your aim is to collect all the bones before the dog catcher nabs you.Eat chillies to kill the dog catchers. If you get caught 3 times then the game is over. Use arrow keys to move.
coball gameCoball
Connect 3 balls of the same color to make them disappear and clear the screen. You can see the next ball in the side panel, use the mouse to aim and shoot.
shuffle gameShuffle
Click on one of the red balls and hold down the left mouse button. Drag the mouse to choose the speed and direction, release the button to shoot.Get all the yellow balls off the board to win the game. It will become difficult in the latter stages.
poink gamePoink
Shoot the ball at the monsters to avoid them from landing. The further away they are the more poinks you'll recieve. Do combos for bonus points.Use mouse to play.
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