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flippy attack gameFlippy Attack
Help the bunny save itself from the bullets coming towards it.The number of seconds you stay alive is your score. Use arrow keys to move and up to jump.
fire fields gameFire Fields
You are a robot slide where your aim is to defend the ball. Press SHIFT to start the game.If you miss the ball 5 times you loose the game.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire at the opponent to freeze it.
jumpin jacko gameJumpin Jacko
You play as jumping jacko, rescue all the babies and then jump to the door to go to the next level.You have only one life and if the guards touch you, you will have to start again.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.
mashi mario gameMashi Mario
You are a mashi mario where your aim is to collect all the bananas, hamburgers and money.Stay away from police and other things (they are all traps).Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.
major slant gameMajor Slant
Using the arrow buttons navigate the ball to the other end as fast as you can.Be careful and stay on your path or you will have to start over.You are given 4000 points to start the game, the more time you take the less your score will be.
island hop gameIsland Hop
Help Gilligan get the gang off the island by lighting a signal fire before a passing ship slips out of sight.It will take six trips across the lagoon to light the fire.You will lose a life if you fall into the water or slide off the side of screen.Use arrow keys to hop forward and backward or to step side by side.
fire fighter gameFire Fighter
You are a fire fighter trying to save people jumping from a burning building. Use your flyer to save them, and if you are not able to do so your points will be deducted. The game will be over when your life bar is empty.Use use arrow keys to move your flyer.
wack a bunny gameWack a Bunny
Wack the bunnies and keep in mind don't wack the aliens. If you wack three aliens the game is over.Use left mouse click to wack bunnies.
reel gold gameReel Gold
A cowboy on a mission to collect reel gold. Your aim is to grab all the gold before the gold rush.Clear each level of gold before time runs out. Use arrow keys to move the rope. Use the down arrow to grab the gold and up arrow to collect it.
juan montoya gameJuan Montoya
A puzzle game where you must join all the parts to make a Juan Montoya Indy 500 car.Click on the part you want to use, pick it up and then drop where ever you want to place it.
nub gameNub
You are playing as NUB (a walking head). Collect all the stars without getting frozen.If you step out of the blue path, you will get frozen and you will die.The game has many levels and you have 4 lives.Use arrow keys to move.
rock paper siz gameRock Paper Siz
The old rock, paper, and scissors game. Matches are determined by the first to three wins.Use your mouse to choose your throw by clicking on icons. If you do not make a choice before the countdown ends you will default to "rock".
guardian of the explorer gameGuardian of the Explorer
A explorer goes to jungle and gets trapped there.Now you must act as a guardian of the explorer and save him from heavy balls coming towards him.If 7 balls hit him he will die. Use arrow keys to move up and down.
the independent gameThe Independent
Throw your newspaper at the right target audience.In other words make sure you hit the young, urban audience and avoid the old duffer reading a broadsheet or the fat builder reading a tabloid.Use arrow keys and spacebar to throw the newspaper.
fly eatin gameFly Eatin
Help the fat lazy frog eat as many flies as possible by clicking on his belly.
chrono trigger gameChrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger and his friends have been transported back in time.Help him prevent disaster, travel in history, and save the world.Controls are arrow keys, spacebar and M for menu.
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