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fishy gameFishy
Become the biggest fish in the sea by eating other smaller fish. Watch out for the big fish as they will eat you
alien hominid gameAlien Hominid
Knock the FBI out, if they get in your way, shoot them or bite off their head!
red beard gameRed Beard
Help red beard the pirate collect the colored dots. The game has a continue feature
tetris gameTetris
Flex your tessellation muscle and get those falling blocks into place sharpish. Very addictive yet totally futile
boom bugs gameBoom Bugs
Place the lady birds in the right place to kill the spiders. This game is a bit like angry birds but with less levels.
pillage the village gamePillage The Village
Throw the villagers around and collect all their money, if you let them get away you'll get out!CLICK: Grab villagers and objects. UP/DOWN, W/S: Move object Back/Forward.
ultimate chess gameUltimate Chess
When you take out one of their pieces, you get to see one of fifty different executions all of which are extremely funny.Use mouse to play.
gen gameGen
Gen is a fun, cool game. Click to attract the small green balls, and then do your best to guide them to the blue hole, while at the same time avoiding the red.Use mouse to move, and spacebar to pause.
blosics gameBlosics
The goal of the game is to throw blocks off the stage. You get points for knocking down the green blocks and you lose points for touching the red ones.Bear in mind the type of platform the blocks are on (stone, rubber, or ice).The longer you hold, the bigger the shots.Hit spacebar to cancel the shot.Caution! Shooting costs points.
pictogrid gamePictogrid
The aim of Pictogrid is to match the playing grid with the image above.Click on arrows to move a tile.
evito ball gameEvitoball
Collect coins in 80 levels and avoid guns, flamethrowers, lasers and other deadly weapons.Use the arrow keys to move, and shift to activate the speed boost (you need to complete the game first). Try to score under the par time each level and earn skill points which get you trophies.
parking lot gameParking Lot
Park the car in the designated location without hitting any obstacles, before the time runs out.Use arrow keys to play, press UP to keep the car moving. Some levels are longer so follow the arrows to find out where to park the car.You have 3 lives to complete the game.
rolling turtle gameRolling Turtle
A cute little rolling turtle game, roll the turtle towards the flag. There are 55 levels to complete and it has a save feature too!Use spacebar to jump, left and right to roll and up/down to zoom in and out.
flash chess 3 gameFlash Chess 3
Media Division bring a new better version to the original flash chess game with improved graphics.Choose from 3 different levels to play from.
advan snake gameAdvansnake
A new slant on the classic Snake game; an advanced snake even. Press Enter to begin and arrow keys to move.
bush royal rampage gameBush Royal Rampage
Bush teams up with the Queen to save London from the bandits, shoot the bad guys and try not to kill any civilians!Use your spacebar to swap for another weapon (you can only carry one at a time).Controls: A = Left D = Right S = Crouch R = Reloadand use mouse to shoot!
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