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kill mosquitos gameKill Mosquitos
Swat by clicking on the mosquitos before they suck you dry
super fly gameSuper Fly
Click the flies to eat them, dont let the frog steal your food!
fish hunter gameFish Hunter
Use the arrow keys to move around, shoot the fish by pressing spacebar. Quite a hard game
frisbee golf gameFrisbee Golf
Frisbee Golf is similar to golf, but instead of hitting a ball with a club, you throw a Frisbee around a predetermined course
stan skates gameStan Skates
Help Stan take on the Streets and survive. Use spacebar to jump, collect points and special moves. Hit the up arrow to activate a special move
pac bug gamePac Bug
Eat all the dots while avoiding the lizard. Hold mouse button to move
curveball gameCurveball
A 3d version of the ping pong game. To get extra points curve the ball round to the opponent
kaboom gameKaboom
Save the falling bombs but not the ones that are exploding. Spell KABOOM the get extra points, use the mouse to play
cyber mice gameCyber Mice
Guide your mice through various obstacles and traps, a big slice of cheddar awaits
pacman killer gamePac Man Killer
You are the pacman killer ball, bounce on them to kill
connect 4 gameConnect 4
Connect 4 in a row to win, easier said than done
buzzer gameBuzzer
Get the ring to the end of the wire without touching the metal
spank the monkey gameSpank the Monkey
Slap the stupid monkey as fast and as hard as you can
pedestrian killer gamePedestrian Killer
Drive over as many pedestrians as you can, dont let them cross the road safely
minipool gameMini Pool
The aim of the game is to clear the pool table in the shortest time
smashing gameSmashing
A cool brick and paddle with power-ups
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