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bubbles gameBubbles
Catch other bubbles to grow bigger and get a higher score. Avoid the mines otherwise the game will finish. Use arrow keys to play.
donkey kong gameDonkey Kong
The classic Donkey Kong game where you must avoid the barrels and climp up to rescue your girlfriend.
gravity ball 2 gameGravity Ball 2
Break the blocks by directing the ball towards them using the paddle. Use your mouse to play.
bloody rage gameBloody Rage
Bloody Rage is a fighting game like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Pick from 18 fighters and perform many different moves, including fatalities.
raiden x gameRaiden X
Click Start and press Enter to begin game. One of the best games, addictive with great power-ups.Controls are ARROWS = Move Z = Fire X = Bomb and ENTER or SPACE = PauseTakes a while to load on slow connections but its worth it!
apple attacks gameApple Attacks
Defend the apple from the "invaders" - bugs and other nasty insects that crave for your apple. Click to kill
kick ups gameKick Ups
Similar to doing kickup's except you're doing click-ups. Keep the ball in the air as long as you can
flying bubble gameFlying Bubble
Keep the bubble flying as long as possible, similar to the helicopter game. Press left mouse button to fly up
skull kid gameSkull Kid
You are the Skull Kid, saw and shoot your way through the enemies. Kill the fatso at the end
bird hunting gameBird Hunting
Use your mouse to shoot, don't forget to reload your gun
way of the stick gameWay Of The Stick
Way of the exploding stickman game is about fighting, do some flying kicks and punch them to death. Click "Start" to play.
squares 2 gameSquares 2
Use your mouse to move, collect other black shapes and watch out for the reds! Gets harder as the game progresses
eskiv 2 gameEskiv 2
Same rules as before except this is much harder than the original. Use the arrow keys to collect the squares by navigating the circle and avoiding the small blue dots
eskiv gameEskiv
Collect the squares by moving the circle towards them and avoid the small blue circles. Use the arrow keys to navigate
alien cave gameAlien Cave
Dodge the obstacles, use the arrow keys to play. Control is essential
cube buster gameCube Buster
Kind of like tetris, click on the cubes to make them disapear
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