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shot gun orc gameShot Gun Orc
Your orc friends have all been wiped out by the enemy. Then suddenly a strange portal opens before your eyes. Out pops a weapon of great destruction!
yeti sports gameYeti Sports
Click to throw the snowball at the penguin and try to hit the target.
home run rally gameHome Run Rally
How many home runs can you score in this excellent american baseball game?Use mouse to play.
deal or no deal gameDeal Or No Deal
Is your luck any good? Can you beat the banker in this excellent deal or no deal game? Try to get as much money as possible.
wone gamewOne
Roll through each level collecting barrels and stars in this fun wheel game. After collecting all the barrels find the exit then press spacebar to go onto the next level. Collect all the stars to unlock level 6.Click PLAY and select level. Use LEFT anf RIGHT arrow keys to play.Wone 2 (the sequel) is now here!
goo slasher gameGoo Slasher
Those pesky goo blobs have infested the forest! You must destroy every last one of the slimeballs, walk by and slash them with your sword.Use arrow keys to play. A = Slash S = Jump
mario brothers 3 gameMario Brothers 3
Mario Brothers (also known as Mario Bros) is the classic Nintendo game. As Mario you must collect all the rings, kill the bad guys and save your brother Luigi at the end of the game.Use arrow keys to play.
znax gameZnax
Znax is a game similar to Connect 4.Click 4 tiles of the same color and form squares as big as you can. Tiles inside the square will be erased and points will be earned.Use mouse to play.
zelda gameZelda
Help Zelda kill the guards and escape the mice. User your sword to kill.Spacebar = Sword
bloody pingu gameBloody Pingu
Smack the bloody pingu as hard as you can to make him travel as far as possible.Click once to take aim and again to shoot.
air adventure gameAir Adventure
Help Stuart fly through central park and return to the Little's house. Avoid birds and cats, but catch the batteries or you'll run out of power before you reach home.Successfully cross all three levels, and you win the game.Use arrow keys to play , SPACEBAR = Speed.
acro bowling gameAcro Bowling
Throw the ball when you see the GO! sign. In order to throw the ball keep pressed the GO button until the yellow field at the aiming pictures goes white.The closer the yellow field you hit, the more you score.
air balls gameAir Balls
Keep as many balls in the air as you possibly can by headering them. Click to jump and header the ball to keep it in the air longer.
agent footy gameAgent Footy
Collect the required amount of money and deposit it into the safe to move onto the next level. Avoid the footballs and collect the cigars if you want.Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to deposit.
the hidden ring gameThe Hidden Ring
Match the pattern shown in the top left corner of the screen. Get the rings and avoid the evil wizard, be quick, don't let the template fade out!
race against time gameRace Against Time
There are lots of trucks trying to pass the border. Thier aim is selling oil on the "Black Market".Your mission is to destroy them, be careful as they have the Air Force protection.
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