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sky chopper gameSky Chopper
Try to reach your homebase while shooting down as many enemy forces as you can. Shot down enemies will leave powerups that can be collected to enhance your helicopter.Use arrow keys to play. SPACEBAR = Fire CONTROL = Secondary Fire
air adventure gameAir Adventure
Help Stuart fly through central park and return to the Little's house. Avoid birds and cats, but catch the batteries or you'll run out of power before you reach home.Successfully cross all three levels, and you win the game.Use arrow keys to play , SPACEBAR = Speed.
air fox gameAir Fox
You will encounter friendly supply ships that are impervious to your weapons. Take advantage of the weapons and extra ships but remember you must destroy everything.Use the arrow keys to control your direction and the spacebar to fire.
race against time gameRace Against Time
There are lots of trucks trying to pass the border. Thier aim is selling oil on the "Black Market".Your mission is to destroy them, be careful as they have the Air Force protection.
blob lander gameBlob Lander
Use the arrow keys to safely land the blob otherwise he'll crash and die!
flying bubble gameFlying Bubble
Keep the bubble flying as long as possible, similar to the helicopter game. Press left mouse button to fly up
bird hunting gameBird Hunting
Use your mouse to shoot, don't forget to reload your gun
way of the stick gameWay Of The Stick
Way of the exploding stickman game is about fighting, do some flying kicks and punch them to death. Click "Start" to play.
bump copter 2 gameBump Copter 2
Fly your little helicopter past all the crazy obstacles and to the other side
helicopter attack 2 gameHelicopter Attack 2
Blow up as many helecopters as you can and try to stay alive! Keep the mouse button pressed for continuous fire
pingu sports gamePingu Sports
Clear all the ice blocks to go the next level. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to change direction
flyplane gameFly Plane
Fly the plane to collect the red dots. It becomes faster and harder as you go along; the game will stop when you fail to collect
hostile skies gameHostile Skies
Shoot down all the enemy planes and land safely
pillage the village gamePillage The Village
Throw the villagers around and collect all their money, if you let them get away you'll get out!CLICK: Grab villagers and objects. UP/DOWN, W/S: Move object Back/Forward.
planet smash gamePlanet Smash
Planet Smash is a verticall scrolling shoot em up. With a lot of power ups and a fairly balanced gameplay it's a great challenge.Play using the cursor keys, spacebar to fire, and Esc for Pause/Options.
rebel drive gameRebel Drive
Jump over the cars and helicopters coming towards you. Try not to touch any of the moving objects!Use arrow keys to move forward/backward and UP to jump.
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