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roam and protect gameRoam and Protect
Protect your alies by destroying enemy ships before they attack. Destroy as many ships as possible.Use the scanner on the bottom of the screen to shoot enemies before they are in striking distance. Bonus points will be awarded for each ally that survives the level.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire.
bobs adventure gameBobs Adventure
You must help Bob find a way around the planet, until he can find his way home. Land at the red saucer as safely as possible.Click on the joypad to play.Use arrow keys to move left, right and up to fly.
super mario mushrooms gameSuper Mario Mushrooms
Play as Mario where your aim is to collect the mushrooms and bring them to the castle. Remember you only have 3 lives.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.
flippy attack gameFlippy Attack
Help the bunny save itself from the bullets coming towards it.The number of seconds you stay alive is your score. Use arrow keys to move and up to jump.
fire fighter gameFire Fighter
You are a fire fighter trying to save people jumping from a burning building. Use your flyer to save them, and if you are not able to do so your points will be deducted. The game will be over when your life bar is empty.Use use arrow keys to move your flyer.
the bounce gameThe Bounce
You are a giraffe and your aim is to jump and collect the stars for points. The bed is an extra life and stay away from the red balls as they will decrease your health.Once your life meter is zero the game is over. Use arrow keys to move while jumping.
alien gameAlien
You are playing as an alien in this game and have to jump from one panel to another.Luckily you have 12 lives allowing you to get some practice.Use left mouse click to jump.
pssst gamePSSST
You play as a gardener in this game who protects his plants from worms and bugs.If you leave any plant un-attented worms will eat them up.Collect three different type of sprays, use the appropriate type of spray for bugs, worms and other insects.Use arrow keys to move and press 'A' to spray.
air borne gameAir Borne
Air Borne is a helicopter flying game, shoot down the rockets, enemy copters, and particular parachutes. Can be played in multiplayer mode. You will recieve points for destroying certain things, and points deducted for others.Controls : Player 1 - A = Up, Z = Down, X = Flame Fist, and Spacebar = Fire Player 2 - minus (-) = Up, plus (+) = Down, 1 = Flame Fist, and 0 (zero) = Fire
fighting spirit gameFighting Spirit
All you need is some fighting spirit to play this game. Fly your helicopter and destroy anything that comes in your way.Shoot using your automattic gun by using the mouse to fire. The more things you blow up the higher your score!
jet speed gameJet Speed
Your jet speed mission is to fly through space avoiding other aircraft, if they get in your way shoot them down.Speed your way through the level and destory whatever is necessary. You will have to travel a certain distance to progress.Use arrow keys to play, spacebar to shoot and select options at the beginning of the game.
desert battle gameDesert Battle
Fight using your helicopter in this desert battle game. You have access to weapons such as torpedoes and bombs (to throw on the enemy).Use arrow keys to play, Z = Throw bomb, and X = Fire. Fly to the other side to kill some more soldiers.
cosmic fozmik gameCosmic Fozmik
You have four lives (each represented by the segments of your body). Gain an extra 200 points for each segment you still have at the end of the game. The game will change along with the music so listen for audio cues. Steer clear of all spikes, blocks, and comets.Use arrow keys to play
3d space skimmer game3d Space Skimmer
Avoid blowing up by dodging broken areas of the surface and out-manouvre enemy fire. Try not to get hit as your energy shield will begin to deteriate (you can boost this by collecting green coins).
space explorer gameSpace Explorer
Land the space explorer safely on different locations through out the game. You have 3 lives to carry out the task, make sure you don't run out of fuel.Use the left, right, and down key.
air fighting gameAir Fighting
Kill as many of the war planes as you can. Use mouse to move and click to fire
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