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contra gameContra
Kill all the people coming your way. Reach the end of the level to defeat the boss - only then will you be able to move onto the next level.Use arrow keys to move. J to fire and K to jump.
sneaky thief adventure gameSneaky Thief Adventure
Defeat the evil wizard and steal his stuff. Collect moneybags, diamonds and anything else you can get your hands on. Find keys to open the boxes.Avoid enemies or else your health will decrease. Use arrow keys to move.
fruity bubble gameFruity Bubble
Place similar coloured fruits to remove them from the tree.The goal is to remove all fruits from the tree to win and go to next level.Use arrow keys to move the shooter and spacebar to fire.
star fly 3 gameStar Fly 3
There is a space fight going on and our star traveller gets in trouble.Your aim is to clear all the zones from asteroids and other space junk.Use arrow keys to move and A to fire.
spore pong gameSpore Pong
You have to defend the ball. Toss back the ball to the opponent.Each time you get 1 point and after every 10 points the ball speed is increased.Use mouse to move the paddle.
dragon warriors gameDragon Warriors
Play as a warrior destroying evil and restoring freedom to your home land.Collect fire spirits for health and points. Use arrow keys to move, up to jump, spacebar to attack and C for special powers.
metal armor gameMetal Armor
Play as a robot where your aim is to collect all the gold coins and stay away from all the obstacles.Select how you want to play by choosing mouse or keyboard.
roam and protect gameRoam and Protect
Protect your alies by destroying enemy ships before they attack. Destroy as many ships as possible.Use the scanner on the bottom of the screen to shoot enemies before they are in striking distance. Bonus points will be awarded for each ally that survives the level.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire.
metal slug rampage gameMetal Slug Rampage
You are playing as the metal slug man, go on a rampage shooting and killing anyone who gets in your way. Many will try to stop you, defeat them if you can ...Use arrow keys to move, CTRL to fire, Shift to jump and spacebar to fire the cannon.
catacombs gameCatacombs
You are a hero in this game and you have to defeat the evil forces. In your way you will get different weapons and you can also cast spells.Click and hold mouse button to where you want the hero to move.A, S, D are attaking keys and 0 to 9 for changing weapons.
plate shooting gamePlate Shooting
Shooters from all over the world are qualified for a shooting championship and you are representing your country.Your target is white and yellow plates (don't shoot red plates). Use mouse to play.
xtract paperclip gameXTract Paperclip
There is a clip moving around the screen. Your aim is to hit Clippy by throwing office supplies at him.Use mouse to play - check the power and then release the button to throw.
finger footy gameFinger Footy
The object of the game is to flick as many footballs into the goal as possible.If anybody comes in your way hit them with the football.Use mouse to move the hand left and right, press the mouse left button to power up and release to fire.
steel fighter gameSteel Fighter
Control the steel fighter plane and your aim is to kill all the planes attacking you.Use mouse to control the gun pointer and click to fire.
resident evil gameResident Evil
Go on a killing and shooting rampage as Alice - the Resident Evil sniper. Pick up big and better weapons along the way. Don't let the zombies touch you!Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot.
tiral arc gameTiral Arc
Perfect your arrow throwing skills. Your aim is to shoot as many boards as possible before running out of time.Click JOUER to play!Kill the blue arrow thrower when you get the chance. Watch out, he'll appear from different places each time.Use arrow keys to move. Up and down arrow for moving the arc and spacebar to shoot.
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