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luminara gameLuminara
There are 50 rounds of enemies to persue and only one little you. Move around the screen and shoot to save yourself from all the chaos.Use arrow keys to move and mouse click to shoot, (P = pause).
geo wars 2 gameGeo Wars 2
Fly your triangular battleship around the skies and shoot all the meteor coming your way. Use the arrow keys to move, spacebar to drop grenades, and mouse left-click to shoot.
gun master gameGun Master
Destroy the enemies to earn points and stay alive as long as possible. Gather the crates to get ammo and health, also avoid the explosions and enemy bullets.There are three types of enemies ... soldiers, bombers, and helicopters. Hint: every enemy has a weak spot.Controls A, D, W, S = Left, Right, Up, Down E = Grenade R = Throw proximity mine Spacebar = Jump Left CTRL = Crouch/Duck down
zunder fury gameZunder Fury
Play as a robot (either Zunder or Fury) to shoot the enemy. There are many levels and you can get power ups if you have enough points.Controls: Movement - A, S, W, D or Arrow Keys AutoFire - Left Mouse Click to toggle Bomb - Space Bar or Control (CTRL) Pause - P or ESC
pearl harbor gamePearl Harbor
Shoot all the planes and ships to get the highest score. Don't bump into any of the planes or else you'll have to start all over again.Use mouse to fly over lancer, press Z to drop bombs and X to shoot.
camper strike gameCamper Strike
Your objective is to hit as many targets as possible using your gun within the time limit.Use left mouse click to fire, R to reload weapon and spacebar to zoom.
flash tank gameFlash Tank
The object of the game is to hit the opposite tank with your gunfire. Set the angle and speed of your shell and fire.Use left, right keys to set the angle and up, down keys for speed.
night raptor gameNight Raptor
You are a fighterplane your aim is to kill all the alien planes and rescue the survivors. Pick up the goodies, weapons and recharge shield.Use arrow keys to move and space to fire.
zombie survival 2 gameZombie Survival 2
Kill the zombies to survive, you can use your gun or sword (or even throw a grenade). Watch out ... don't get killed!Controls: A = Gun S = Sword D = Grenade Space = Run Arrow Keys = Move
project x gameProject X
Your mission is to go through the building and kill all the enemies. Reach the generator and destroy it.Fire when your coursor is green. The gun will reload when your coursor is red.
ninja rinseout gameNinja Rinseout
A very engaging ninja fighting game, kill all the bad guys with your sword - watch out you'll have to be quick!Use arrow keys to play, S to attack and D to block.
naval gun gameNaval Gun
Shoot all the ships and planes. Kill as much as you can for a higher score.Use cursor to target, left mouse button to shoot and R to reload.
crossfire gameCrossfire
You are a commando on mission. Your mission is to reach the alien base and kill the queen.Kill all the people coming in your way. Use arrow keys to move, space to jump and control to fire.
space bugs gameSpace Bugs
Shoot down the invading enemy space before they run you down.Use mouse to control the fighter plane and left click to fire.
archery gameArchery
Your aim is to make as many points as possible in a 5 arrow shoot out.USe mouse to point the arrow and shoot.
ball breaker gameBall Breaker
Same as breakout, bounce back the ball by using the paddle and destroy all the bricks.Use arrow keys to move the paddle.
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