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bubble trouble gameBubble Trouble
Shoot bubbles into groups to make them disappear
hostile skies gameHostile Skies
Shoot down all the enemy planes and land safely
polar rescue gamePolar Rescue
Use your penguin to dodge obstacles run through mazes and fire
pedestrian killer gamePedestrian Killer
Drive over as many pedestrians as you can, dont let them cross the road safely
battleship gameBattleship
Your mission is to destroy the enemy fleet, use your head and a sound strategy will go a long way
tanks gameTanks
Try to blow up your opponent before they do
balls n walls gameBalls n Walls
2 player game, catch balls that are thrown over the wall
alien hominid gameAlien Hominid
Knock the FBI out, if they get in your way, shoot them or bite off their head!
3 foot ninja game3 Foot Ninja
A young ninja on a mission to battle it out with other ninjas and samurai using your deadly sword
zed gameZed
Help Zed escape by getting all the gold - excellent graphics
planet smash gamePlanet Smash
Planet Smash is a verticall scrolling shoot em up. With a lot of power ups and a fairly balanced gameplay it's a great challenge.Play using the cursor keys, spacebar to fire, and Esc for Pause/Options.
matrix pandemonium gameMatrix Pandemonium
Jump up and down floors of buildings as Neo from the Matrix facing evil agents, ghostly twins and vicious octobots. Use everything you can to defeat them from swords, guns to launchers even furniture or the agents themselves!Use arrow keys to move and A to attack and S to pickup weapons.
bush royal rampage gameBush Royal Rampage
Bush teams up with the Queen to save London from the bandits, shoot the bad guys and try not to kill any civilians!Use your spacebar to swap for another weapon (you can only carry one at a time).Controls: A = Left D = Right S = Crouch R = Reloadand use mouse to shoot!
tank defense gameTank Defense
Shoot other tanks and place mines to blow them up, hold mouse down or click to fire (keep pressed for machine gun). The aim is to destroy all the tanks but don't get killed!Buy upgrades from the shop at the end of each level. Move using the W A S D or arrow keys.
boomstick gameBoomstick
Shoot the blocks and then walk around to collect the ammo. You can shoot blocks multiple times and use powerup's for firepower. Blow up a certain number of blocks to move onto the next level.Use mouse to shoot and arrow keys or A and D to move.
thing thing 4 gameThing Thing 4
The Thing Thing saga continues with a brand new shooting game, similar to the others but incredibly has a lot to offer.The object of the game is kill or be killed. It's a fight for survival through the ranks of the Systems Corp. Mercenaries as well as any other horrors their rampant genetic experimentation have created.ControlsWalk: A and D Keys Run: Shift + A or D Keys Jump: W Key Double-Jump: Tap the W Key twice Backflip: W Key while moving backwards Duck: S Key Switch Weapons: E or Mouse Wheel Melee Weapon: Q or Mouse Wheel Button Swap/Throw Weapon: Space Pause/Unpause: P Aim: Mouse Shoot: Left Click
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