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lca 2 gameLCA 2
LCA2 is a airspace shooting game with good graphics and sound.Use arrow keys to move, space is a shield, and ctrl is shoot.
space invaders 2 gameSpace Invaders 2
A revamp of the classic space invaders game except this one has better graphics.Use the mouse to move and left-click to shoot (you can also use the spacebar to do this)
alloy tease gameAlloy Tease
Alloy tease is an excellent fighting game with the best graphics ever!Use arrow keys to play. A = Jump S = Shoot D = Punch/KickUse different combinations for special moves.
worm warrior gameWorm Warrior
You are the "Worm Warrior"!. Armed with only a common work hammer you must protect the precious meat from the worms.Use your mouse, smash as many of the little worms as you can.
matrix fighter gameMatrix Fighter
You are Neo in the Matrix fighting Agent Smith and the Robots. Use your mouse to play, left-click to shoot and spacebar to use your sword.
save the ring gameSave The Ring
Help Frodo save the ring from the nasty knife stabbing ghouls. Use arrow keys to play.
bubble bobble 2 gameBubble Bobble 2
PRESS CTRL TO STARTPut your enemies in a bubble by shooting, jump on them to make them disappear and then move on to the next level.CTRL = Start & Shoot Spacebar = Jump Use arrow keys to move around
bloody rage gameBloody Rage
Bloody Rage is a fighting game like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Pick from 18 fighters and perform many different moves, including fatalities.
raiden x gameRaiden X
Click Start and press Enter to begin game. One of the best games, addictive with great power-ups.Controls are ARROWS = Move Z = Fire X = Bomb and ENTER or SPACE = PauseTakes a while to load on slow connections but its worth it!
apple attacks gameApple Attacks
Defend the apple from the "invaders" - bugs and other nasty insects that crave for your apple. Click to kill
skull kid gameSkull Kid
You are the Skull Kid, saw and shoot your way through the enemies. Kill the fatso at the end
bird hunting gameBird Hunting
Use your mouse to shoot, don't forget to reload your gun
way of the stick gameWay Of The Stick
Way of the exploding stickman game is about fighting, do some flying kicks and punch them to death. Click "Start" to play.
battle pong 2 gameBattle Pong 2
Ping Pong with a twist, now you can shoot your opponent or eat them alive
trapped in time gameTrapped In Time
Help Top Secret Kid defeat the evil Minataur Corporation in TSK2 - Trapped In Time
roboxer 2 gameRoboxer 2
Taking punches would hurt, so why not let your little robot take all the abuse. Try to beat all six different progressively harder robots in Roboxer 2 including the incredibly hard super bot on level 6
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