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space dude gameSpace Dude
A fun space dude shooting game, kill the blobs and reign supreme!Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to shoot
red dragon gameRed Dragon
You are the red hot fire breathing dragon, rack up points to move to the next levelUse mouse to play
xxiao gameXxiao
An excellent xxiao stickmen shooting game, press spacebar to reload and use mouse to shoot!You can choose to play in easy, normal, or difficult mode.
your buddy gameYour Buddy
Play around with your buddy and try to get as many dollars as possible. Don't hurt him too much!Use mouse to play
shot gun orc gameShot Gun Orc
Your orc friends have all been wiped out by the enemy. Then suddenly a strange portal opens before your eyes. Out pops a weapon of great destruction!
dragon ball z gameDragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z is a multiplayer fighting game. Player 1 can be Goku, Piccolo, or Gohan. Player 2 can be Freeza, Vegata, or Cell.Player 1 / Player 2 controls areA, 9 = Ki shot S, 8 = Kick D, 1 = Punch E, + = Power up W, / = Special V, Up = Jump H, Arrow Key = Left K, Arrow Key = RightEnsure num lock is on for player 2 to be able to participate.
ninja man gameNinja Man
Dark Ninja and his minions have left countless traps lying in wait of Ninjaman! Look out for spikes, thorns, and other dangerous hazards.Use arrow keys to play.A = Attack D = Defend J = Jump Left/Right x 2 = Roll
goo slasher gameGoo Slasher
Those pesky goo blobs have infested the forest! You must destroy every last one of the slimeballs, walk by and slash them with your sword.Use arrow keys to play. A = Slash S = Jump
bowman 2 gameBowman 2
A second version to the excellent bowman game, this time you can practice by shooting at birds.
street fighter gameStreet Fighter
Street Fighter is one of the best classic Nintendo games ever. An excellent fighting game, you are playing as Ryu trying to kill the bad guys.Click to START game.Use arrow keys to play. A, S, D = Punch Z, X, C = Kick
zwill gameZwill
Press SPACEBAR to START.Help Zwill the mouse collect the cheese and extra lives. Jump on the slithering eyeballs to kill and reach higher.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.
zynex gameZynex
Your position and route you walk will be pointed on a radar. When reaching a room with enemies, you will have to kill them to continue.Spacebar = Reload weapon Shift = Continue when all enemies are dead Up = Switch to secondary weapon or weapon mode Down = Switch to primary weapon Control = Pick up items (health, grenades)
zelda gameZelda
Help Zelda kill the guards and escape the mice. User your sword to kill.Spacebar = Sword
air fox gameAir Fox
You will encounter friendly supply ships that are impervious to your weapons. Take advantage of the weapons and extra ships but remember you must destroy everything.Use the arrow keys to control your direction and the spacebar to fire.
race against time gameRace Against Time
There are lots of trucks trying to pass the border. Thier aim is selling oil on the "Black Market".Your mission is to destroy them, be careful as they have the Air Force protection.
alien bounce gameAlien Bounce
Press spacebar to fire the catapult.The TNT barrels blow the alien to the skies.
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