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santa fighter gameSanta Fighter
You are Santa fighting the computer controlled evil Santa, kick, punch and sweep-kick using the I, O, and P keys and the arrow keys to move.
2d knock out game2d Knock Out
2D Knock Out is a boxing game; fight your opponent to move onto the next level.CONTROLS Use mouse to move and left-click to punch C = Auto Super Combo SPACEBAR = Block
thing thing 2 gameThing Thing 2
A new version of the original Thing Thing game. It has improved graphics, gameplay, many new weapons, and multple levels to battle through.Click survival mode and then play to begin the game.CONTROLSA and D or LEFT and RIGHT = Move W or UP = Jump CONTROL = Jump F or Numpad 0 = Change Weapon (note: Num Lock must be on) Mouse Click = Shoot
alex in danger gameAlex In Danger
Alex in danger is an excellent adventure based shooting game, have a lot of fun trying to complete all 15 levels.Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to shoot.
wild wild west gameWild Wild West
The sheriff's too scared to tame the bad boys of the wild wild west so its up to you to take over. Wild Wild West is a shooting game.Use mouse to play.
terror tubby gameTerror Tubby
Kill the other teletubbies with your rador shot gun. Ideal game for kids.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot.
thing thing gameThing Thing
Go on a killing rampage in this excellent thing thing game. This game features customizable character costumes, multiple weapons, fast-paced action, and interactive environments.Controls are:A = Left D = Right W = Jump F = Change weapon Mouse = Aim and shoot Spacebar = Open/Close doorsA new version is available at Thing Thing 2
zombie survival gameZombie Survival
Kill to survive against the zombies. Use arrow keys to play.SPACEBAR = Shoot SHIFT = Grenades
swords man gameSwords Man
Kill all the other ninjas. Click to use the sword and click on yourself to jump.
dragon ball z ping pong gameDragon Ball Z Ping Pong
Play ping pong in a Dragon Ball Z format, use mouse to move and spacebar to shoot
agent k gameAgent K
You will be required to complete 3 areas of training before engaging in any missions.Use mouse to play
space dude gameSpace Dude
A fun space dude shooting game, kill the blobs and reign supreme!Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to shoot
red dragon gameRed Dragon
You are the red hot fire breathing dragon, rack up points to move to the next levelUse mouse to play
xxiao gameXxiao
An excellent xxiao stickmen shooting game, press spacebar to reload and use mouse to shoot!You can choose to play in easy, normal, or difficult mode.
your buddy gameYour Buddy
Play around with your buddy and try to get as many dollars as possible. Don't hurt him too much!Use mouse to play
shot gun orc gameShot Gun Orc
Your orc friends have all been wiped out by the enemy. Then suddenly a strange portal opens before your eyes. Out pops a weapon of great destruction!
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