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car line gameCar Line
Draw a line from the car to the parking space and then press GO to see if you are able to park it properly. If you bump the car you will have to start again.Hold the left mouse button to draw line and it must begin from the beginning of the car (not infront of it).Collect tyres on some levels before you park.
parking lot gameParking Lot
Park the car in the designated location without hitting any obstacles, before the time runs out.Use arrow keys to play, press UP to keep the car moving. Some levels are longer so follow the arrows to find out where to park the car.You have 3 lives to complete the game.
3d rally racing game3D Rally Racing
Select your car and color then choose your preferred racing track. Complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name in the best scores table. Use arrow keys to play.
stunt dirt bike gameStunt Dirt Bike
Complete stunts on the dirt bike to ride over the obstacles carefully and safely to complete the level. If may be appropriate to change bikes if you find are having difficulty.Controls : Up/Down to move Left/Right to tilt P = Pause R = Restart level
rebel drive gameRebel Drive
Jump over the cars and helicopters coming towards you. Try not to touch any of the moving objects!Use arrow keys to move forward/backward and UP to jump.
bombay taxi gameBombay Taxi
Help the indians park the car in the allocated space without bumping into anything else. The tasks become harder the further you progress. Use arrow keys to play.
road trip gameRoad Trip
Collect all the fuel and special attacks to complete the level.If you crash with any of the cars your power will decrease.Use arrow keys to drive your van, spacebar for special moves and shift to turn.
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