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diesel and death gameDiesel and Death
You are playing as Death against the computer (Diesel). Race bikes across a junkyard, first past the flag wins or destroy your enemy for victory!Use arrow keys to play and spacebar for power-up.
cone crazy gameCone Crazy
Knock down as many cones as you can by driving over them. Use arrow keys to control the car, the more cones you destroy the more points you'll recieve. Avoid obsticles and pot holes. A red cone is ten points and a yellow one is fifty points.
replay racer 2 gameReplay Racer 2
In this racing game choose your track, car model and color and do two laps as quickly as possible. Race against your personal best or play against the computer.Use arrow keys to move (UP to accelerate) and spacebar to break.
parking perfection 3 gameParking Perfection 3
The third and final series to the parking perfection games but this time round you must follow the examiners instructions. Park the car in the allocated parking space to move onto the next level.The game continues from parking perfection and parking perfection 2.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to brake.
parking perfection 2 gameParking Perfection 2
The second series to the popular parking perfection car game. As before, you must park your car in the highlighted space without hitting another vehicle.There is a limited time frame in each level so watch out. Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to brake.
parking perfection gameParking Perfection
Parking perfecting is a game where you must try to park the car in its parking space without touching others. Careful, as you have to finish the task in a limited time frame.Use arrow keys and spacebar to play
ultimate racing gameUltimate Racing
Race your car round the track, make sure to use the spacebar to slow down on the turns and try to beat your opponent!Use arrow keys to play
60 seconds game60 Seconds
You have 10 minutes to steal 10 cars and get $200,000 in cash, which means you have to be gone in 60 seconds!
5 miles 2 go game5 Miles 2 Go
A simple car game, use the RIGHT/LEFT keys to draft your car ahead of the others
4x4 rally game4x4 Rally
An excellent game with top notch graphics. Use your car to rally round the bend.Press UP to accelerate and LEFT/RIGHT to move.
wone gamewOne
Roll through each level collecting barrels and stars in this fun wheel game. After collecting all the barrels find the exit then press spacebar to go onto the next level. Collect all the stars to unlock level 6.Click PLAY and select level. Use LEFT anf RIGHT arrow keys to play.Wone 2 (the sequel) is now here!
action driving gameAction Driving
Guide the BMW to the Eiffel Tower completing Frank's latest job as The Transporter. Collect the cash and avoid five collisons, otherwise you are out!Use mouse keys to play.
rush hour gameRush Hour
Rush Hour is a car game. Try and get it into the garage as quick as possible for maintenance.
hostile skies gameHostile Skies
Shoot down all the enemy planes and land safely
pedestrian killer gamePedestrian Killer
Drive over as many pedestrians as you can, dont let them cross the road safely
crazy taxi gameCrazy Taxi
Drive the taxi as fast as possible while avoiding other vehicles.Controls:Left/Right = Steer Up/Down = Adjust speed Spacebar = Jump
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