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3 foot ninja game3 Foot Ninja
A young ninja on a mission to battle it out with other ninjas and samurai using your deadly sword
crypt raider gameCrypt Raider
You are the crypt raider! Your aim is to move the orb into the chamber. Do this to progress to the next level
red beard gameRed Beard
Help red beard the pirate collect the colored dots. The game has a continue feature
zed gameZed
Help Zed escape by getting all the gold - excellent graphics
pac man gamePac Man
The one and only classic arcade game starring a pill-popping yellow blob with a mouth
helicopter gameHelicopter
Use the mouse left-click to fly the copter through the blocks, quite addictive
tetris gameTetris
Flex your tessellation muscle and get those falling blocks into place sharpish. Very addictive yet totally futile
pool master gamePool Master
Pool Master offers you a full sized table with realistic balls, shots, and scores. Test your own pool skills by using the bar on the right hand side of the screen to adjust how hard you shoot.
bullet head gameBullet Head
Your goal is to shoot down the alien invaders that are floating across the top of your screen without getting hit by their bullets and bombs.Tip: Hold down the shoot button for continuous fire power!
jewel quest gameJewel Quest
This is one fast-paced little game that has you matching tiles together so that you can clear the board. Once you clear out a set of gems, the board under them will turn gold. When the whole board is golden, you win the level.
pacman 2 gamePacman 2
The little yellow round head moving around, eating up power pellets and trying not to get touched by ghosts.
madpet volleybomb gameMadpet Volleybomb
Click PLAY to begin.You have 3 tries to get the bomb to the opponent's side. You get 1 point for every hit and 3 points if the bomb explodes on the opponent's side. For every 20 points you'll get 1 life. In the single player mode you must beat 10 rivals. In two-player mode you challenge your friend.Use ARROW keys to move and jump.
sprocket rocket gameSprocket Rocket
A fun but challenging game, Sprocket Rocket will have you going for miles. Collect the red cogs to help Wallace & Gromit to fix their ship and fly to the moon!You must edit and redesign your ship to pass the levels, can be difficult at times.Use mouse to play.Keys: E = Edit ship Spacebar = Detach tool R = Retry
blosics gameBlosics
The goal of the game is to throw blocks off the stage. You get points for knocking down the green blocks and you lose points for touching the red ones.Bear in mind the type of platform the blocks are on (stone, rubber, or ice).The longer you hold, the bigger the shots.Hit spacebar to cancel the shot.Caution! Shooting costs points.
blastmaster gameBlastmaster
Become the blast master by bombing all the mines strategically. Use the tools on the left hand side to place the bombs in the right place, then click START to watch them all explode!There are more tools (bombs) as the game progresses, can you complete all 30 levels?
gnop gameGnop
The game has a similar concept to Pong, except you have to control the ball to the other side using the arrow keys.Instructions are at the top of the page and the game becomes more difficult as you go along!
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