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prince of persia gamePrince of Persia
The classic Prince of Persia game we've all grown up to love. Use the arrow keys to move the Prince in all directions. The SHIFT key can be used to grab onto ledges and pick up items, and hold SHIFT while pressing the arrow keys to walk
puzzle maniax gamePuzzle Maniax
A jig-saw type game where you have to complete the puzzle in a certain time-frame. Has options to make the game easy, medium or difficult.
ankomako gameAnkomako
Collect the present within the 10 second time period and avoid the witch, and don't let her get your presents!
alias gameAlias
Click go and select difficulty level. Kill the machines by shooting at them.A = Left D = Right W = Up Mouse = Shoot
bomb jack 2 gameBomb Jack 2
A remake of bomb jack except in this one he can fly for a short period.
pinball gamePinball
A remake of the classic pinball game
lca 2 gameLCA 2
LCA2 is a airspace shooting game with good graphics and sound.Use arrow keys to move, space is a shield, and ctrl is shoot.
avoid the cursor gameAvoid The Cursor
Dont let the guy get hold of your cursor. He tries everything in his power and is quite sneaky, so watch out!
space invaders 2 gameSpace Invaders 2
A revamp of the classic space invaders game except this one has better graphics.Use the mouse to move and left-click to shoot (you can also use the spacebar to do this)
pool billiards gamePool Billiards
An excellent pool billiards game with amazing graphics and sound. You can play 1 player or 2, and even against the computer.Use mouse to play
mini putt gameMini Putt
The classic mini golf flash game. Try to finish the game in the lowest shots as possible. Use the mouse to play.
alloy tease gameAlloy Tease
Alloy tease is an excellent fighting game with the best graphics ever!Use arrow keys to play. A = Jump S = Shoot D = Punch/KickUse different combinations for special moves.
matrix fighter gameMatrix Fighter
You are Neo in the Matrix fighting Agent Smith and the Robots. Use your mouse to play, left-click to shoot and spacebar to use your sword.
save the ring gameSave The Ring
Help Frodo save the ring from the nasty knife stabbing ghouls. Use arrow keys to play.
bubbles gameBubbles
Catch other bubbles to grow bigger and get a higher score. Avoid the mines otherwise the game will finish. Use arrow keys to play.
donkey kong gameDonkey Kong
The classic Donkey Kong game where you must avoid the barrels and climp up to rescue your girlfriend.
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