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swords man gameSwords Man
Kill all the other ninjas. Click to use the sword and click on yourself to jump.
space out gameSpace Out
Use the paddle to keep the comets in play. Earn extra comets and other bonuses by hitting yellow bricks. Don't space out or you'll drop the comets and lose. Other special bricks include extra points, bigger paddle and much more.
ultimate billiards gameUltimate Billiards
Try to clear the pool table before the time runs out. Using your mouse aim the cue ball where you would like it to go. Control your shot power by holding downing the mouse.
forest challenge 2 gameForest Challenge 2
Forest Challenge is a golf game, try to get your shot on par to get the best score.
dragon ball z ping pong gameDragon Ball Z Ping Pong
Play ping pong in a Dragon Ball Z format, use mouse to move and spacebar to shoot
agent k gameAgent K
You will be required to complete 3 areas of training before engaging in any missions.Use mouse to play
add em up gameAdd Em Up
Take a look at the next tile in the que and place it on the board so that all surrounding tiles add up to that value. If they add up the tiles will be removed. The goal is to clear all of the tiles from the board.
60 seconds game60 Seconds
You have 10 minutes to steal 10 cars and get $200,000 in cash, which means you have to be gone in 60 seconds!
5 miles 2 go game5 Miles 2 Go
A simple car game, use the RIGHT/LEFT keys to draft your car ahead of the others
3d super ball game3D Super Ball
3d super ball is like doing kickup's with a football, only difference is here you are using the mouse. Get the bubbles that appear to get extra points.
3d pool game3D Pool
A very hard pool billiards game to play as it is in 3D. Place cue further away to hit the ball at speed.Use mouse to play
2 ball pool game2 Ball Pool
2 ball pool is like playing pool billiards but with only 2 snooker ballsUse mouse to play
1 eye game1 Eye
Use arrow keys to move the 1 eye, collect the blue and green blobs to increase your score
red dragon gameRed Dragon
You are the red hot fire breathing dragon, rack up points to move to the next levelUse mouse to play
warthog launch gameWarthog Launch
Move the car and increase/decrease the bombs underneath it to kill the warthog's when the car explodes. Quite a difficult game.
xxiao gameXxiao
An excellent xxiao stickmen shooting game, press spacebar to reload and use mouse to shoot!You can choose to play in easy, normal, or difficult mode.
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