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mario rush arena gameMario Rush Arena
Play as little Mario. Watch out for the enemies (Goomba and Koopa) and try not to let the score get to minus 10. Use arrow keys to move.
bubble shooter gameBubble Shooter
Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board scoring as many points as possible. Shoot at them with more bubbles and when you have three or more colors together they will all disappear.Point your mouse to where you want the next bubble to go.
egg fighter gameEgg Fighter
Either K.O your enemy or have the most energy when time is up. Use key combinations for secret special attacks.
replay racer 2 gameReplay Racer 2
In this racing game choose your track, car model and color and do two laps as quickly as possible. Race against your personal best or play against the computer.Use arrow keys to move (UP to accelerate) and spacebar to break.
master blaster deluxe gameMaster Blaster Deluxe
Master Blaster Deluxe (One-X) is a fast paced action shooting game. There are new weapons, tougher enemies and more collectables you'll need nerves of steel to combat the onslaught of enemy fighters.Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to fire.
blinding lines gameBlinding Lines
A classic mouse game, nice and simple. To play hover over the start area indicated by "S" and the level will appear. You must reach the "E" to go to the next level. Try to avoid all lines and moving objects, there are 30 levels in total.
oshidama gameOshidama
Oshidama is a great skill game. Use your mouse to push the circle into its allocated space to complete the level. Avoid the blue area's and try to do this in the least number of pushes to gain the most points.
super mario sunshine gameSuper Mario Sunshine
Help Super Mario collect all the rings and complete both level 1 and 2. Use arrow keys to move and up to jump, also use spacebar to fly for a short period - watch out and don't let the water engine run out!
valo gameValo
This valo game is really addictive and fun. Click (or keep left-mouse button pressed) to collect all the blue squares to increase your score, however make you avoid the red squares at all costs!You may also collect green squares to recieve a bonus, purple to gain extra time, and yellow to improve your health.
mini mario gameMini Mario
A mini mario game with only two levels, fun nonetheless. Collect as many rings as you can. Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to jump.
panik gamePanik
Collect all the bombs before time runs out and move onto the next level. Avoid touching the bad guys otherwise you'll lose a life!Use arrow keys to play. Spacebar = Jump (the longer you press, the higher Panik will jump)
snow line gameSnow Line
Santa has given the reindeer the day off to recover and need to collect the presents in time for christmas.Draw snow lines with your mouse to guide Santa to the missing presents. Click "Play" after you have drawn the line, after you have collected all the presents you can move onto the next level.
jet pac gameJet Pac
Click on the screen and then press 5 to begin playing Jet Pac. Use the arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot. Protect yourself from the aliens in outer space.
kitten cannon gameKitten Cannon
Aim the cannon using the UP or DOWN keys and use the spacebar to fire. The red bar on the cannon indicates the power of your shot, you can leave the rest to gravity. Fire the Kitten as far as possible!
gamma bros gameGamma Bros
Click "Start" and then press Enter to begin. Destroy the enemy planes by shooting at them and try to collect as many rings and power-ups as you can. Gamma Bros is a well-done nifty game.Use arrow keys to move. Fire: W = Up S = Down A = left D = Right
parking perfection 3 gameParking Perfection 3
The third and final series to the parking perfection games but this time round you must follow the examiners instructions. Park the car in the allocated parking space to move onto the next level.The game continues from parking perfection and parking perfection 2.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to brake.
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