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cat with bow golf gameCat With Bow Golf
Click 'START' and then 'GO!' to begin. You are playing as the cat with the bow golf, use your bow and arrow to fly the cat across the screen to hit the target.Drag the arrow (from the opposite direction) to position the arrow. The further back you drag, the more further you will travel.
battle snake gameBattle Snake
Battle Snake is a twist to the original snake game. Kill the rolling gears by firing at them, if you can't kill them stay away because you'll lose your energy.As the levels go on, the battle snake will get longer making it hard to avoid the gears. Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire.
squareman gameSquareman
You are playing as the little square man, use the arrow keys to move around and UP to jump. Hop onto a bounce pad to jump higher, and platforms with lighter outlines can be jumped through.Reach the checkered flag for the next level and watch out for the bad guys.
bloons gameBloons
You are playing as the monkey with the bow and arrow. Pop a certain number of balloons with your darts to move onto the next level. There are 50 levels in total. Also, you can choose to have unlimited darts but it takes the fun away!
hummer rally championship gameHummer Rally Championship
Show the best results among the racers of New-York, Monaco, London, Moscow and Tokyo and you will be the winner of the world race championship.Try to win the grand-prix in all countries in order to be number 1 in the international championship.
smokin aces gameSmokin Aces
You will be dealt a series of cards. Flip them over by moving your mouse over them.When you find Buddy Israel shoot him by clicking your left mouse button. Be quick and don't shoot anyone else or the game is over. Kill Buddy Israel.
jeeves volleyball gameJeeves Volleyball
The goal of 'Jeeves Volleyball' is to hit the teapot over the net and have it fall on the opponents side of the court floor. Walk/Run using the left or right arrow key, Up = Jump, Spacebar = Hit the teapot, and finally - God's speed to you, sir!
bomb it gameBomb It
Select the character you'd like to play as and then select difficulty level. Try and blow up your opponent (by pressing spacebar) before they do, and collect power up's along the way. Very good graphics - use arrow keys to move.
micro tanks gameMicro Tanks
Play micro tanks to destroy the enemy tank on the other side of the maze. Take up the challenge and try to win all the increasingly difficult levels.Use arrow keys to move around and spacebar to fire, watch out though - the cannon balls rebound off the walls and could damage you.
obnoxius gameObnoxius
Obnoxius is easy to handle but hard to master! Just drag one of the obnoxions (by using your mouse) from one corner to the other.But be careful of the blocks, they may get in your way. Later on, they're going to move so be careful while you attempt the levels (there are around 50). Click Obnoxion to play.
bullet bill gameBullet Bill
You are Bullet Bill out to hit both Mario and Luigi. Hit bricks and goombas (green turtles) to get points. If you hit platforms you will crash and lose a life. Hit the flag the end of the level to get bonus points.Use arrow keys to move.
cosmic fozmik gameCosmic Fozmik
You have four lives (each represented by the segments of your body). Gain an extra 200 points for each segment you still have at the end of the game. The game will change along with the music so listen for audio cues. Steer clear of all spikes, blocks, and comets.Use arrow keys to play
mini golf extreme gameMini Golf Extreme
Loads of difficult putts in this advanced mini golf game packed with various levels.
diesel and death gameDiesel and Death
You are playing as Death against the computer (Diesel). Race bikes across a junkyard, first past the flag wins or destroy your enemy for victory!Use arrow keys to play and spacebar for power-up.
longbow gameLongbow
Pick your longbow character and shoot to kill the enemy. Remember you can only fire one arrow at a time.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot.
dune bashing gameDune Bashing
Ride your bike to complete all the stages in the shortest amount of time. To advance to the next level you must cross the end of the line before the timer strikes zero.Use arrow keys to play. UP = Forward
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