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armor dude gameArmor Dude
You are playing as Armor Dude - the objective is to defend the castle, if the castle is destroyed the game is over.Use the arrow keys to play. C = Attack (hold to charge when you have updraded) Z = Defend When defending or attacking use arrow keys to roll.
fighting spirit gameFighting Spirit
All you need is some fighting spirit to play this game. Fly your helicopter and destroy anything that comes in your way.Shoot using your automattic gun by using the mouse to fire. The more things you blow up the higher your score!
battleships gameBattleships
Play against the computer to sink each others battleships. Use your mouse to place the ships on the grid and the arrow keys to change their positions. Then try to blow up the computers battleship before he does yours.
cow fighter gameCow Fighter
Bison the fighting cow is back and he ain't taking no bull! Fight other cows to lay down your authority. Keys are:O = Take out horns K = Wack udders M = Sweep hooves A/S/D = Power combo's
tennis ace gameTennis Ace
A difficult tennis game to master, it's best to practice a couple of serves before you enter the tournament.Click the mouse just as the ball is moving down from the top of its flight.
fire at will gameFire At Will
A handheld shooting game. Knock down as many moving objects as you can within the time frame to achieve the highest score. Don't forget to reload (by pressing R).Use mouse to aim and left click to shoot.
kick off gameKick Off
A great football penalty shoot out game, kick off the match with a practice shot. Pick the team you want to represent and take shots at the goal. Stop the other team scoring by saving a few goals as the keeper.Use mouse to play, and keep left button pressed to take a power shot.
jet speed gameJet Speed
Your jet speed mission is to fly through space avoiding other aircraft, if they get in your way shoot them down.Speed your way through the level and destory whatever is necessary. You will have to travel a certain distance to progress.Use arrow keys to play, spacebar to shoot and select options at the beginning of the game.
office paintball gameOffice Paintball
Shoot the smileys that pop up in the office using your paintball gun. You need to shoot atleast 70% of the smileys to progress to the next level. Use mouse to play, left-click is shoot.
acid factory gameAcid Factory
Collect all of the batteries in this Acid Factory game. Watch out for the acid and monsters, don't let them touch you. Pick up the gun and kill monsters to score points. Jump into the teleporter to move onto the next level.Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to jump, Z = Fire (when you have the gun).
kill bill gameKill Bill
A foreign game based on the movie Kill Bill (by Quentin Tarantino), you are playing as Uma Thurman - the crazy sword swinging killer seeking revenge.Kill all of Bill's aids who are wanting to take you down. Use arrow keys to use your sword (press UP to knock some heads off).
square man 2 gameSquare Man 2
A second version to the wonderful squareman game. Once again you are playing as the little square man. Collect all the yellow squares for bonus points and the white squares to get an extra life.Use the arrow keys to move around and UP to jump. Hop onto a bounce pad to jump higher, and platforms with lighter outlines can be jumped through. Reach the checkered flag for the next level and watch out for the bad guys.
bike mania gameBike Mania
Go over all the obstacles as soon as possible without falling off your bike. Use arrow keys to play, UP = accelerate, and LEFT/RIGHT = Lean.
electric man 2 gameElectric Man 2
Electric Man is a charged fighting stickman ready to kick, punch and damage some robot metal. Beat your opponent with a combination of martial arts, street fighting, and super human powers.Use arrow keys to play: Keys Q, W, E and A, S, D also have functionality (kick, punch, grab, etc).
mindless violence gameMindless Violence
The bug heads are coming, keep your gun at the ready so you can cause some violence. Shoot the bugs and don't let them get too close or they'll eat you alive.Remember to reload your gun when necessary, press spacebar to do this. Use mouse to aim and left click to shoot.
max dirt bike gameMax Dirt Bike
Play Max Dirt Bike, the aim is to get over all the obstacles on a level in the fastest time possible. If you need to a break, just hit 'P' to pause. You can also use the spacebar to activate the 'next' button.Use arrow to move, UP is accelerate and DOWN is break/reverse.
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