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demonic defense 3 gameDemonic Defense 3
You are the king of the kingdom trying to defend your castle from the enemy. At the start your gold is 850 and as you kill your enemies your gold increases.You can buy spells, upgrade your castle, or even repair it.Click on the enemy to fire and caste spells.
sheep invaders gameSheep Invaders
Shoot all the ships to advance to next level. Ships can also fire so be careful.You have only 3 lives, look for a big black ship for bonus points. This game is very similar to space invaders.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire.
xiao xiao 9 gameXiao Xiao 9
You are a ninja and have to kill all the ninja's coming your way.There are many levels to go, with every level the game becomes that little bit harder.Use arrow keys to move and Z for boxing, X for jumping and C to block.
cat-a-pult gameCat-a-Pult
A fun shooting game where you have to shoot cats, try to cat-a-pult them into the holes in the wall.Click on left mouse button and hold untill the power is full. Release to cat-a-pult!
i hate spiders gameI Hate Spiders
You are a spider killer in this game, shoot the spiders coming towards you.If 4 spiders touch you, you will die. Use mouse to move and click to fire.
static shock gameStatic Shock
You are the famous hero Static Shock. Your mission is to kill all the bots in the city.After killing all the bots you will recieve powerups so remember to collect 'em.Use arrow keys to move left, right and fly. Spacebar to fire and X for zap cap - using this you can kill all the enemy in the fields.
shop lifter gameShop Lifter
Play as a thief in this game and try to steale one item from every store without getting caught by the clerk.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to steal the item.
bike wheelers gameBike Wheelers
A motorbike racing type game. You have to finish first on every track to unlock the other tracks.There's a petrol pump at the end of every lap so don't forget to refuel your bike.Use arrow keys to control your bike.
space runner gameSpace Runner
Dodge the obstacles to survive in this Space Runner game.You must use the correct jumping method for different obstacles.
blob farm gameBlob Farm
You act as a 'Big Brother' for the small blob creatures. Try to keep them safe for the longest time. Save them from heavy balls, infected slime and explosives.Use left mouse click to drag them to a safer place.
naked melee gameNaked Melee
Place your Naked Melee all around the screen in the beginning few seconds by clicking rapidly.Then watch them battle it out with the evil black Melees to see who wins. Tip: Place as many as you can at the edges.
dtunnel gameDTunnel
Navigate your ship "DTunnel" through the maze using the arrow keys. Don't hit the edges or you'll be gone!
air borne gameAir Borne
Air Borne is a helicopter flying game, shoot down the rockets, enemy copters, and particular parachutes. Can be played in multiplayer mode. You will recieve points for destroying certain things, and points deducted for others.Controls : Player 1 - A = Up, Z = Down, X = Flame Fist, and Spacebar = Fire Player 2 - minus (-) = Up, plus (+) = Down, 1 = Flame Fist, and 0 (zero) = Fire
mario rampage gameMario Rampage
A little mario game where he goes on a shooting rampage. Press spacebar to fire and up/down keys to position the gun. Kill all the baddies for maximum points.
castle cat gameCastle Cat
Play castle cat and roam the castle with a shooter gun - fire at demons, planes, and dragons.Use arrow keys to move, up to jump, and ctrl to shoot.
the fallen gameThe Fallen
The Fallen are two angels who were cast out of the heavens for trying to overthrow the kingdom. Now they have found refuge here on earth ...ControlsCtrl = Punch Spacebar = Flip kick Shift = Reverse kickArrow keys to play, bear in mind you can only perform 10 special moves in each level.
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