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navle battle gameNavle Battle
Two boats in the sea shooting at each other, who will kill the other first?Before shooting, take into consideration the wind level as it indicates how far the cannon will travel.Although the game is not in english, it's still enjoyable.
the daring dozen gameThe Daring Dozen
Try to get the egg in the basket as quickly as possible. Use mouse to play.
metal slug rampage gameMetal Slug Rampage
You are playing as the metal slug man, go on a rampage shooting and killing anyone who gets in your way. Many will try to stop you, defeat them if you can ...Use arrow keys to move, CTRL to fire, Shift to jump and spacebar to fire the cannon.
catacombs gameCatacombs
You are a hero in this game and you have to defeat the evil forces. In your way you will get different weapons and you can also cast spells.Click and hold mouse button to where you want the hero to move.A, S, D are attaking keys and 0 to 9 for changing weapons.
bobs adventure gameBobs Adventure
You must help Bob find a way around the planet, until he can find his way home. Land at the red saucer as safely as possible.Click on the joypad to play.Use arrow keys to move left, right and up to fly.
super mario mushrooms gameSuper Mario Mushrooms
Play as Mario where your aim is to collect the mushrooms and bring them to the castle. Remember you only have 3 lives.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.
steel fighter gameSteel Fighter
Control the steel fighter plane and your aim is to kill all the planes attacking you.Use mouse to control the gun pointer and click to fire.
resident evil gameResident Evil
Go on a killing and shooting rampage as Alice - the Resident Evil sniper. Pick up big and better weapons along the way. Don't let the zombies touch you!Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot.
tiral arc gameTiral Arc
Perfect your arrow throwing skills. Your aim is to shoot as many boards as possible before running out of time.Click JOUER to play!Kill the blue arrow thrower when you get the chance. Watch out, he'll appear from different places each time.Use arrow keys to move. Up and down arrow for moving the arc and spacebar to shoot.
shoot out gameShoot Out
A simple cowboy shooting game. Wait for the slightest move from your opponent and then shoot.If you shoot too early you loose your badge. If you win you will fight with the next bad guy.Press spacebar to shoot.
bugs are coming gameBugs Are Coming
Your aim is to save yourself from the bugs coming towards you.The longer you survive the more points you get. Collect the small yellow balls for bonus points.Move your mouse pointer to move the ball.
space boy gameSpace Boy
You are the alien shooter, shoot everything that moves - but beware. The aliens split in two parts before they die.There will be a bonus falling from the sky after you kill an alien, collect all of them.Use mouse to move and left click to shoot.
anti terrorist department gameAnti Terrorist Department
You are an officer of the anti terrorist department where your aim is to kill all terrorists. Take their weapon and reach the gas station and explode it by using C4.Get away from the gas station building within 5 minutes or else you will also explode.Use arrow keys to move, spacebar to fire (and place c4), END to pick up the weapon, and Page UP/DOWN to choose your weapon of choice.
breaking point gameBreaking Point
You are a tank that gets deployed into hostile situation were you must stop the infected from spreading the virus.A group off men will be behind you for the ones you let through, but they can't handle too much. This is called the breaking point - if you reach this you can prevent the virus and win.To stop the enemies run over them or shoot them. Use left mouse click to shoot.
soccer pong gameSoccer Pong
You are a soccer player and your aim is to score goals.Keep the ball moving, don't let it go out or else you will lose a ball. You have a total of three balls to score.Score goals to gain points, the score wheel indicates how many points you will get.Use mouse to control the player.
krazy kar gameKrazy Kar
You have taken a scientist car for a ride and strangely the car worped to another planet. In order to come back to our planet you have to drive 10000 feet.Use right arrow key to move forward, left for moving backword and up for jump.Collect as many clocks as possible, for if you run out of time you will lose.
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