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sproing gameSproing
Guide the sproingy blue orb with your mouse. Hit the green orbs at speed to destroy them, and avoid all non-green orbs.Use spacebar to pause the game.
road trip gameRoad Trip
Collect all the fuel and special attacks to complete the level.If you crash with any of the cars your power will decrease.Use arrow keys to drive your van, spacebar for special moves and shift to turn.
naval gun gameNaval Gun
Shoot all the ships and planes. Kill as much as you can for a higher score.Use cursor to target, left mouse button to shoot and R to reload.
crossfire gameCrossfire
You are a commando on mission. Your mission is to reach the alien base and kill the queen.Kill all the people coming in your way. Use arrow keys to move, space to jump and control to fire.
flashman gameFlashman
Exactly the same as pacman. Collect all the dots and stay away from the colored goblins.Collect the five power ups to kill and eat the bad guys. Use arrow keys to move.
avoid it gameAvoid It
Your space base is under meteor attack, defend it by all means.Use arrow keys to move, spacebar to shoot and CTRL for mega blast (one per level).
tummy trouble gameTummy Trouble
Your aim is to destroy containers to find the keycard hidden on each level.Use arrow keys to move and left mouse click to fire.
quick draw gameQuick Draw
Kill Buster Shaw as many times as possible before he kill you. You will get 100 points for each kill.Use mouse to control the pointer and left mouse click to fire.
bug on a wire gameBug On A Wire
Guide your bug all the way home to the end of the wire. Use arrow keys to dodge any birds that get in your way.
sebshooter gameSebShooter
Shoot all the ninjas before they shoot you. You will get 3 points for each kill.Use mouse to control the gun and click to shoot.
contra gameContra
Kill all the people coming your way. Reach the end of the level to defeat the boss - only then will you be able to move onto the next level.Use arrow keys to move. J to fire and K to jump.
ace driver gameAce Driver
As a car driver your aim is to get to each checkpoint within the time limit, but make sure you don't loose your licence.Collect the points - be sure to avoid the hazards as they will slow you down.Use arrow keys to steer your car, accelerate and brake.
adventures of blob bob gameAdventures of Blob Bob
Jump on your enemies to kill them and collect all the fruits to get a high score.Use arrow keys to move and up to jump.
escape from fairy world gameEscape From Fairy World
You are trapped in a fairy world, inorder to get back home you have to gain enough magic to break through the cave ceiling of each level.Avoid hitting the walls, beware of the pit at the end of level, if you run out of magic you will dead.Use arrow keys to move.
new car net racer gameNew Car Net Racer
Defeat your opponent and score the best time in this racing game.Steer by moving the mouse infront of the red car.The distance of your mouse from the car controls the speed.
dragon warriors gameDragon Warriors
Play as a warrior destroying evil and restoring freedom to your home land.Collect fire spirits for health and points. Use arrow keys to move, up to jump, spacebar to attack and C for special powers.
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