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pictogrid gamePictogrid
The aim of Pictogrid is to match the playing grid with the image above.Click on arrows to move a tile.
crazy taxi gameCrazy Taxi
Drive the taxi as fast as possible while avoiding other vehicles.Controls:Left/Right = Steer Up/Down = Adjust speed Spacebar = Jump
splitter2 gameSplitter 2
Mission of Splitter 2 is to cut your way through 32 levels. Use your mouse to split objects and push the yellow smiley face to the target.
use boxmen gameUse Boxmen
A very well made game that is fun to play!Create clones of yourself and use the Boxmen to find a way to reach the exit point.Use arrow keys to move and SHIFT to create a clone.Clones are assigned the same action you make at the moment of casting.Restart a level with 'R'.
perfect balance gamePerfect Balance
The game takes a while to load however it is definitely worth it. Use your mouse to rotate and stack all the shapes to achieve the perfect balance.If you need any help you can watch this youtube video.Click on HARMONY to begin.
splitter gameSplitter
Another great physics game to get your head around. Split the blocks to get to the goal.Get the face to the circle by splitting the blocks with the mouse.
monolist gameMonolist
Monolist is the spruced up version of space raiders, with a lot of power-up's to collect and levels to go through. A hyper active game which keeps you on your toes (or fingers in this case).Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to confirm.
crossblock gameCrossblock
A very fascinating game, cross out 2 blocks at a time to eliminate them. Can you finish all 50 levels?The game becomes more difficult as you progress, and best of all - it has a continue feature!Use mouse to play.
neon disks gameNeon Disks
Light up all the disks in each level by dropping balls on them in this sweet physics engine puzzle skill game.
zott gameZott
Make your way though six levels of aliens and increasing difficulty. Reach the final battle and save the universe by defeating the empire of Zott.Collect blue powerups to increase you health, shields, weapons, and lives. Beat the highest score by collecting the most yellow powerups.
car line gameCar Line
Draw a line from the car to the parking space and then press GO to see if you are able to park it properly. If you bump the car you will have to start again.Hold the left mouse button to draw line and it must begin from the beginning of the car (not infront of it).Collect tyres on some levels before you park.
parking lot gameParking Lot
Park the car in the designated location without hitting any obstacles, before the time runs out.Use arrow keys to play, press UP to keep the car moving. Some levels are longer so follow the arrows to find out where to park the car.You have 3 lives to complete the game.
rolling turtle gameRolling Turtle
A cute little rolling turtle game, roll the turtle towards the flag. There are 55 levels to complete and it has a save feature too!Use spacebar to jump, left and right to roll and up/down to zoom in and out.
hit the jackpot gameHit The Jackpot
Score points for your country by hitting the exact middle of the target as fast as you can. Distance and wind affect your shot. Move your mouse in the white circle on the right to aim and click to shoot.
boom bot gameBoom Bot
Press R to begin!Click and hold the mouse to make a bomb, and release to explode moving boombot towards the exit.You are given a limited number of bombs, how far can you go?
3d rally racing game3D Rally Racing
Select your car and color then choose your preferred racing track. Complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name in the best scores table. Use arrow keys to play.
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