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zombie survival 2 gameZombie Survival 2
Kill the zombies to survive, you can use your gun or sword (or even throw a grenade). Watch out ... don't get killed!Controls: A = Gun S = Sword D = Grenade Space = Run Arrow Keys = Move
project x gameProject X
Your mission is to go through the building and kill all the enemies. Reach the generator and destroy it.Fire when your coursor is green. The gun will reload when your coursor is red.
mothball 2 gameMothball 2
Control the mothball by moving the cursor around the screen and clicking the left button to fire. Power-up's will allow you to kill more of the bad guys.
ramps gameRamps
Click, drag and rotate the ramps to construct a pathway to safely guide the spheres into the goal. Click the dispenser to unleash a sphere.Clicking the trashcan will reset ramps and spheres. Points are awarded based on amount of spheres lost, time taken to solve the level and difficulty of the level.
suzi says gameSuzi Says
Suzi Perry says watch The Gadget Show (with a special video at the end). Collect the gadgets that Suzi calls out, but if you get the wrong one you'll lose points.
trap the cat gameTrap The Cat
Trap the cat by not letting it get off the edge. It is much more trickier than it seems.Use mouse to play.
gravity pinball 2 gameGravity Pinball 2
Play as a green blobber eating all the smaller green dots. Once complete, eat the big red face at the end to move up.
ninja rinseout gameNinja Rinseout
A very engaging ninja fighting game, kill all the bad guys with your sword - watch out you'll have to be quick!Use arrow keys to play, S to attack and D to block.
sproing gameSproing
Guide the sproingy blue orb with your mouse. Hit the green orbs at speed to destroy them, and avoid all non-green orbs.Use spacebar to pause the game.
road trip gameRoad Trip
Collect all the fuel and special attacks to complete the level.If you crash with any of the cars your power will decrease.Use arrow keys to drive your van, spacebar for special moves and shift to turn.
barty gameBarty
Throw the bone at the rock from as much hieght as possible.Use up arrow to fly and space to throw bones.
naval gun gameNaval Gun
Shoot all the ships and planes. Kill as much as you can for a higher score.Use cursor to target, left mouse button to shoot and R to reload.
crossfire gameCrossfire
You are a commando on mission. Your mission is to reach the alien base and kill the queen.Kill all the people coming in your way. Use arrow keys to move, space to jump and control to fire.
flashman gameFlashman
Exactly the same as pacman. Collect all the dots and stay away from the colored goblins.Collect the five power ups to kill and eat the bad guys. Use arrow keys to move.
crazy ball gameCrazy Ball
Collect all the golden balls in the air by jumping on the paddle.There are many stages to go and you have to move fast. Use arrow keys to jump.
ball breaker gameBall Breaker
Same as breakout, bounce back the ball by using the paddle and destroy all the bricks.Use arrow keys to move the paddle.
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