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monoliths mario gameMonoliths Mario
A great little Mario game with six levels. Jump on the tortoises, swim in the water, or simply have a good time. Click "play" to begin.Controls: Arrow Keys = Move A = Jump S = Run Spacebar = Pause
ultrablock gameUltrablock
Click on a group of three blocks to remove them. Try not to let the blocks reach the top of the screen.
snipe gameSnipe
Direct the ball towards its colored path on the floor. Use the grey colored balls to rebound your way, and use mouse to play.
gun master gameGun Master
Destroy the enemies to earn points and stay alive as long as possible. Gather the crates to get ammo and health, also avoid the explosions and enemy bullets.There are three types of enemies ... soldiers, bombers, and helicopters. Hint: every enemy has a weak spot.Controls A, D, W, S = Left, Right, Up, Down E = Grenade R = Throw proximity mine Spacebar = Jump Left CTRL = Crouch/Duck down
space worms gameSpace Worms
Don't let the other worm catch you! Play as the worm-like dot in the middle of the screen and avoid getting broken up.Stay away from the other dot for the longest time possible to move onto the next level.Use arrow keys to play.
mine link gameMine Link
Destroy the specified number of mines by clicking on one to detonate and create a chain reaction. The number of mines to destroy will increase as the levels go on.
fancy pants 2 gameFancy Pants 2
Fancy Pants is back with his renowned orange pants! We have more tips and tricks, jumps, and the crazy spiders are back too. May take a while to load.Controls - Arrows move, up enters doors, down ducks, slides, or rolls. Hold down while landing to slide forward. Hold jump while stomping a baddie to jump higher. Hold up or down while wall jumping to change your jump. Press space to pause.
zunder fury gameZunder Fury
Play as a robot (either Zunder or Fury) to shoot the enemy. There are many levels and you can get power ups if you have enough points.Controls: Movement - A, S, W, D or Arrow Keys AutoFire - Left Mouse Click to toggle Bomb - Space Bar or Control (CTRL) Pause - P or ESC
pearl harbor gamePearl Harbor
Shoot all the planes and ships to get the highest score. Don't bump into any of the planes or else you'll have to start all over again.Use mouse to fly over lancer, press Z to drop bombs and X to shoot.
king of buttons gameKing of Buttons
Your aim to click the button as many time as possible. Challenge yourself to the buttons.
beaver brothers gameBeaver Brothers
Play as a eager beaver, where your aim is to collect all the red bricks and go to the next level. Stay away from falling sand bags, if you get hit you'll lose a life.Click above the beaver to go up and click below to jump down.
night raptor gameNight Raptor
You are a fighterplane your aim is to kill all the alien planes and rescue the survivors. Pick up the goodies, weapons and recharge shield.Use arrow keys to move and space to fire.
tube racer gameTube Racer
Race to the end of the tube without crashing! Use arrow keys to play and don't forget to jump and duck where necessary.
sonny gameSonny
Similar to pacman, play as a hungry dog where your aim is to collect all the bones before the dog catcher nabs you.Eat chillies to kill the dog catchers. If you get caught 3 times then the game is over. Use arrow keys to move.
stunt dirt bike gameStunt Dirt Bike
Complete stunts on the dirt bike to ride over the obstacles carefully and safely to complete the level. If may be appropriate to change bikes if you find are having difficulty.Controls : Up/Down to move Left/Right to tilt P = Pause R = Restart level
poink gamePoink
Shoot the ball at the monsters to avoid them from landing. The further away they are the more poinks you'll recieve. Do combos for bonus points.Use mouse to play.
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