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break out 360 gameBreak Out 360
Remove all the bricks to prosper to the next level; new 360 degree perspective
roboxer 2 gameRoboxer 2
Taking punches would hurt, so why not let your little robot take all the abuse. Try to beat all six different progressively harder robots in Roboxer 2 including the incredibly hard super bot on level 6
bump copter 2 gameBump Copter 2
Fly your little helicopter past all the crazy obstacles and to the other side
fightman gameFightman
Stickman side scrolling fighting game. Flying-kick the sh*t out of people
helicopter attack 2 gameHelicopter Attack 2
Blow up as many helecopters as you can and try to stay alive! Keep the mouse button pressed for continuous fire
sonic the hedgehog gameSonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the hedgehog is the best game ever by Sega. Now its available as an online flash version. Note: This game takes a while to load on slow connections
over run gameOver Run
Help Sabeth protect his castle against the evil orcs. Use the arrow keys to move and the mouse button to fire
jungle dave gameJungle Dave
Help Jungle Dave finish the missions, use the arrow keys to play. Watch out for the leaves and collect the keys
turtle bridge gameTurtle Bridge
Get as many rocks to the other side as you can by jumping on the turtles back, without falling in the water
midget tossing gameMidget Tossing
Toss the midgets into the baskets and try to get 100 points to win
resident devil gameResident Devil
Shoot the zombies, best thing to do is to blow thier arms and heads off.
cutie quake gameCutie Quake
Kill the cuties! Not so cute now are they?
kill mosquitos gameKill Mosquitos
Swat by clicking on the mosquitos before they suck you dry
super fly gameSuper Fly
Click the flies to eat them, dont let the frog steal your food!
fish hunter gameFish Hunter
Use the arrow keys to move around, shoot the fish by pressing spacebar. Quite a hard game
stan skates gameStan Skates
Help Stan take on the Streets and survive. Use spacebar to jump, collect points and special moves. Hit the up arrow to activate a special move
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