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prince of persia gamePrince of Persia
The classic Prince of Persia game we've all grown up to love. Use the arrow keys to move the Prince in all directions. The SHIFT key can be used to grab onto ledges and pick up items, and hold SHIFT while pressing the arrow keys to walk
alien bounce gameAlien Bounce
Press spacebar to fire the catapult.The TNT barrels blow the alien to the skies.
angry old wizard gameAngry Old Wizard
Kill the ghosts with your sword, you cannot hurt them if they are attacking.Use arrow keys to move. A = Jump S = Attack
bird bomber gameBird Bomber
People have invaded your park, bomb the crap out of them. Whats the highest you can get?
stick cricket gameStick Cricket
You are the English, right-handed One Day "Stick" Cricket Team. Chase your opponents score in limited overs games. Opponents are all International One Day Teams.
bomb jack gameBomb Jack
Collect all the red bombs and coins; avoid the snowmen, snails, and black bombs. Get the black B's to bounce higher.Use the arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.
mini putt gameMini Putt
The classic mini golf flash game. Try to finish the game in the lowest shots as possible. Use the mouse to play.
save the ring gameSave The Ring
Help Frodo save the ring from the nasty knife stabbing ghouls. Use arrow keys to play.
adrenaline challenge gameAdrenaline Challenge
Collect all the green balls to move onto the next level. UP = Forward DOWN = Back LEFT/RIGHT = Tilt SPACEBAR = Change direction Try not to collide your head against the wall otherwise the game will finish.
classic breakout gameClassic Breakout
A classic breakout game; use the paddle to rebound the ball onto the blocks to make them dissappear. Use mouse to play.
donkey kong gameDonkey Kong
The classic Donkey Kong game where you must avoid the barrels and climp up to rescue your girlfriend.
bubble bobble 2 gameBubble Bobble 2
PRESS CTRL TO STARTPut your enemies in a bubble by shooting, jump on them to make them disappear and then move on to the next level.CTRL = Start & Shoot Spacebar = Jump Use arrow keys to move around
skull kid gameSkull Kid
You are the Skull Kid, saw and shoot your way through the enemies. Kill the fatso at the end
alien cave gameAlien Cave
Dodge the obstacles, use the arrow keys to play. Control is essential
monkey lander gameMonkey Lander
Collect the fruit and get to the end of each level without hitting anything. Land safely and slowly
all out gameAll Out
Get all the lights out by making up the sequence
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