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pac gamePac
Pac is like pacman except he has two eyes and more levels. Try not to get eaten!Use mouse to play and click to start
lawn pac gameLawn Pac
Grandma has left you in charge of her yard. Make sure it is always cut by using your lawnmower to cut every inch of hey yard before you run out of fuel.Rain clouds make grass grow back so be quick!Use arrow keys to play
wone 2 gamewOne 2
A sequel to the extremely fun wOne! This installment ads bungee cords, thrusters, and various friction and gravity effects into the mix.Using the wheel collect all the barrels (and the stars if you are any good) and then find the exit. You can control the spin of the wheel by using the cursor keys.Arrow keys = Left/Right X = Activate exit P = Pause L = Show HUD Page up/down = Zoom
glops gameGlops
Remove the same color of smiley faces from the grid. There must be two of the same next to each other before you can remove them. The more smileys close together the more points you get.
super flash mario bros gameSuper Flash Mario Bros
Play the classic Super Mario Brothers game originally created by Nintendo. You can choose to be either Mario or Luigi in this time based version.Use arrow keys to play.
thing thing 2 gameThing Thing 2
A new version of the original Thing Thing game. It has improved graphics, gameplay, many new weapons, and multple levels to battle through.Click survival mode and then play to begin the game.CONTROLSA and D or LEFT and RIGHT = Move W or UP = Jump CONTROL = Jump F or Numpad 0 = Change Weapon (note: Num Lock must be on) Mouse Click = Shoot
alex in danger gameAlex In Danger
Alex in danger is an excellent adventure based shooting game, have a lot of fun trying to complete all 15 levels.Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to shoot.
dangerous dave gameDangerous Dave
The adventures of Dangerous Dave and Brutal Bob. You are playing as Brutal Bob, hit Dangerous Dave to throw him as far as possible!Use mouse to play.
wild wild west gameWild Wild West
The sheriff's too scared to tame the bad boys of the wild wild west so its up to you to take over. Wild Wild West is a shooting game.Use mouse to play.
terror tubby gameTerror Tubby
Kill the other teletubbies with your rador shot gun. Ideal game for kids.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot.
thing thing gameThing Thing
Go on a killing rampage in this excellent thing thing game. This game features customizable character costumes, multiple weapons, fast-paced action, and interactive environments.Controls are:A = Left D = Right W = Jump F = Change weapon Mouse = Aim and shoot Spacebar = Open/Close doorsA new version is available at Thing Thing 2
zombie survival gameZombie Survival
Kill to survive against the zombies. Use arrow keys to play.SPACEBAR = Shoot SHIFT = Grenades
table tennis gameTable Tennis
A excellent table tennis game with good graphics. Use mouse to play
sky chopper gameSky Chopper
Try to reach your homebase while shooting down as many enemy forces as you can. Shot down enemies will leave powerups that can be collected to enhance your helicopter.Use arrow keys to play. SPACEBAR = Fire CONTROL = Secondary Fire
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