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kitten cannon gameKitten Cannon
Aim the cannon using the UP or DOWN keys and use the spacebar to fire. The red bar on the cannon indicates the power of your shot, you can leave the rest to gravity. Fire the Kitten as far as possible!
rage gameRage
Rage is a stickman shooting game. Fight against your ememies and kill the bad guys at the end of each level, it becomes harder as you go along. Excellent shooting rage game!Use arrow keys to move (press UP to jump).Press A and S to perform combo attacks, each enemy you hit adds to your rage.Press the DOWN key to pick up obects that you can use to fight, and X to drop it.When rage is built up you are faster and stronger for a short period of time. You can unleash a huge blast by pressing C when you are raged.Press E to shoot using a gun once you have found it. You can have a sword and a gun both at the same time.Z = Pause
gamma bros gameGamma Bros
Click "Start" and then press Enter to begin. Destroy the enemy planes by shooting at them and try to collect as many rings and power-ups as you can. Gamma Bros is a well-done nifty game.Use arrow keys to move. Fire: W = Up S = Down A = left D = Right
plastic balls gamePlastic Balls
Try to stop the plastic balls falling down the central drain at the same time as collecting fruit and power-ups. The power-up meter shows how long your current power up will last.Arrow keys or mouse to control the bat. P = pause
sling gameSling
Sling yourself onto the wall and climb using the stones. Once you have collected all the stones a portal will open, enter the portal to move onto the next level.Click "skip all" twice and use mouse to play.
fancy pants gameFancy Pants
Fancy Pants Adventure game is one of the best animated games to emerge from the online gaming market.Complete the levels by collecting rings and kill the bad guys by jumping on them. A very cool game.Use arrow keys to move S = JUMP! Up = open doors Down = Duck Spacebar = Pause Remember to duck down while on a slant
super mario revived gameSuper Mario Revived
Mario's back and he's feeling revived! Help him complete the levels and stay clear of the baddies or you'll end up dead. Collect as many rings as you can along the way.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.
pac xon gamePac Xon
Similar to the pacman game but with a new twist. The objective of the game is to fill the empty space by building a wall. While inside the wall the ghosts cannot harm you, as soon as you fill 75% or more (of the wall) you will progress to the next level.Avoid the ghosts to stay alive, and eat the food for special power-ups!(Use arrow keys to play)
chaos theory gameChaos Theory
Try to blow up as many blue balls as you can in one click in this chaos theory game. The explosion will get bigger depending on the number of blue balls it attracts.
sheep reaction gameSheep Reaction
There are five sheep to shop but be warned, there's a three second penalty if you shoot a dart when no sheep are running.Click the tranquilizer button whenever you see a sheep leaving the flock and running for freedom.
red gameRed
You are the base on the ground trying to shoot away the falling debris from the sky. Make sure you don't run out of ammo, this is shown on the belt.Click "Play" to begin, mouse to aim, and spacebar to shoot! Good luck.
flying gonzo gameFlying Gonzo
The Great Gonzo from the Muppets is up to his foolish tricks again. Use the control panel to adjust the angle and voltage of the professional stunt cannon, then fire away as Gonzo goes sailing over (or under) the bucket of water.Each time he misses you lose a star and when he makes it you gain half a star plus the points for the distance. What's the highest score you can get?
starship eleven 11 gameStarship Eleven 11
Choose a beginner or an advanced spaceship to play this Starship Eleven 11 game. Use the arrow keys to play and try to get the extra items such as fuel, energy, shots and bonus points. To break down barriers press spacebar to shoot.
megaman gameMegaman
Megaman Project X is a wonderfully done fighting shooting game. When in the air, and touching a wall, press the direction towards the wall and megaman will cling to the surface. You can still jump and shoot in this position.CONTROLSLeft/Right = Walk and move in the air Up = Jump Spacebar = Shoot or hold down for a couple of seconds to fire a charged blast End = Dash Home = Pause
space explorer gameSpace Explorer
Land the space explorer safely on different locations through out the game. You have 3 lives to carry out the task, make sure you don't run out of fuel.Use the left, right, and down key.
balls 2 gameBalls 2
You are the white smiley face trying to dodge the constantly growing enemy balls. If you get hit, your size will increase making it harder for you to continue. Get too big and the game could be over.In order to gain points you must collect the red balls; they will also help you shrink back to your normal size. If you get the blue balls they will help shrink your enemy.Use mouse to play
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