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desert battle gameDesert Battle
Fight using your helicopter in this desert battle game. You have access to weapons such as torpedoes and bombs (to throw on the enemy).Use arrow keys to play, Z = Throw bomb, and X = Fire. Fly to the other side to kill some more soldiers.
smokin aces gameSmokin Aces
You will be dealt a series of cards. Flip them over by moving your mouse over them.When you find Buddy Israel shoot him by clicking your left mouse button. Be quick and don't shoot anyone else or the game is over. Kill Buddy Israel.
bomb it gameBomb It
Select the character you'd like to play as and then select difficulty level. Try and blow up your opponent (by pressing spacebar) before they do, and collect power up's along the way. Very good graphics - use arrow keys to move.
micro tanks gameMicro Tanks
Play micro tanks to destroy the enemy tank on the other side of the maze. Take up the challenge and try to win all the increasingly difficult levels.Use arrow keys to move around and spacebar to fire, watch out though - the cannon balls rebound off the walls and could damage you.
bullet bill gameBullet Bill
You are Bullet Bill out to hit both Mario and Luigi. Hit bricks and goombas (green turtles) to get points. If you hit platforms you will crash and lose a life. Hit the flag the end of the level to get bonus points.Use arrow keys to move.
longbow gameLongbow
Pick your longbow character and shoot to kill the enemy. Remember you can only fire one arrow at a time.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot.
mario rush arena gameMario Rush Arena
Play as little Mario. Watch out for the enemies (Goomba and Koopa) and try not to let the score get to minus 10. Use arrow keys to move.
3d space skimmer game3d Space Skimmer
Avoid blowing up by dodging broken areas of the surface and out-manouvre enemy fire. Try not to get hit as your energy shield will begin to deteriate (you can boost this by collecting green coins).
unicycle challenge gameUnicycle Challenge
Try to balance your unicycle while avoiding the juggling balls that roll across your path. Don't tip over too far or else you'll fall off and die.To play move your mouse side to side, the wheel of the unicycle will follow. To jump, hold down and then release the spacebar.
super mario sunshine gameSuper Mario Sunshine
Help Super Mario collect all the rings and complete both level 1 and 2. Use arrow keys to move and up to jump, also use spacebar to fly for a short period - watch out and don't let the water engine run out!
wonder light gameWonder Light
Fly through the air as wonder light and avoid crashing into the walls or objects. Collect as many green balls as you can to progress to the next level.Click "New Game" to start!
mini mario gameMini Mario
A mini mario game with only two levels, fun nonetheless. Collect as many rings as you can. Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to jump.
panik gamePanik
Collect all the bombs before time runs out and move onto the next level. Avoid touching the bad guys otherwise you'll lose a life!Use arrow keys to play. Spacebar = Jump (the longer you press, the higher Panik will jump)
crazy pool gameCrazy Pool
Take a shot using the white ball with the intention of making the same colored balls collide with each other. Once you do this they will disappear, clear the table to move onto the next level.Use mouse to play.
snow line gameSnow Line
Santa has given the reindeer the day off to recover and need to collect the presents in time for christmas.Draw snow lines with your mouse to guide Santa to the missing presents. Click "Play" after you have drawn the line, after you have collected all the presents you can move onto the next level.
jet pac gameJet Pac
Click on the screen and then press 5 to begin playing Jet Pac. Use the arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot. Protect yourself from the aliens in outer space.
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